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5 Key Considerations for Setting up Your Electronic Queuing System

August 30, 2012Perry Kuklin

Electronic queuing for linear and virtual waiting line systems is recognized as an effective way to improve the service and efficiency of a queue. And while there is no one “right” way to set up an electronic queuing system, there are some key considerations to help you through the process and achieve the best results for your business needs.

1. Which queue formation is best?

The beauty of electronic queuing is that you can find a system to fit any formation -- single-line queues, multiple-line, and virtual queues. Your job is to determine which formation best suits your customers and align your system accordingly. Electronic queuing can enhance the inherent benefits of a first-come-first-served process and offer more efficient service times and queue flow for single line queues. In a multiple-line queue, fairness and efficiency can be gained by having an electronic queuing system pull customers through the lines in a fair and distributed manner.

In a virtual queue, where customers are free to wait without standing in line, electronic queuing reduces perceived and actual wait times through increased service efficiency and effective digital signage.

digital signage

2. What’s your media strategy?

Electronic queue systems feature the ability to display advertising stills, digital information, videos, and more. Your choice of media will have a direct impact on the customer experience since, in many cases, customers have little else to do but stare at your screen and wait their turn in line. When it comes to setting a media strategy, it’s important to consider your customers and the characteristics of your business.

Retailers may wish to use digital media to showcase their latest products or sale items. A bank may want to feature their latest loan products. A theme park might use screens to provide important safety information or fun videos to keep people entertained while waiting. The possibilities are endless.

Other considerations include keeping the media fresh and adjusting messaging by location. If you manage multiple retail stores, for example, you can target your media by location using a centralized media manager system that automatically updates media via the cloud.  Today’s electronic queuing systems make just about anything possible!

3. Should you opt for media-only screens?

With electronic queuing, you can choose to have some displays that only show media without the queuing messages. You might opt to put these near queue, or in an entirely different area of the store or venue. Or perhaps the efficiency and feel of your line would be better served by putting these displays in the pre-line waiting area to provide people with instructions as to how the service line works.  Feel free to mix it up.

checkout station lights

4. Should you make use of station lights?

Add impact to your electronic queuing by giving an even more pronounced cue to the people waiting – help them find the open station with a station light. There are numerous appealing styles available so you don’t have to worry about a giant red strobe light ruining your carefully plotted décor. At the same time, the lights aren’t ineffectually subtle that they don’t get the message across that a service agent is available.

Some systems offer a flashing station light controller that can turn almost any existing light into a usable station light. Keep in mind that most electronic queuing systems will flash station lights only as long as the main queuing message is playing. The flashing for an individual station stops when the main monitor moves on to the next message.

When planning for larger areas (those with more than 5 stations) look for electronic queuing systems that can control station lights independently of the monitor message. This will allow stations that are farther away from the head of the queue to flash for a longer period of time, ensuring the customer makes it to the available agent.

5. Will you combine your electronic queuing strategy with in-line merchandising?

in-line merchandising

If your business relies on merchandise sales, combining the digital media of an electronic queuing system with your in-line merchandising strategy can boost impulse sales dramatically. For example, digital media can promote merchandise that is featured in an impulse merchandise bowl at the head of the line.

When you do electronic queuing the right way, you’ll have a captivated audience that appreciates the efficiency of the line you’ve created without even registering why it’s been such a pleasant experience. The Lavi public guidance and queuing experts can help you choose the right electronic queuing system.

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