3 Friendly Ways to Use Access Control to Boost Safety and Security

3 Friendly Ways to Use Access Control to Boost Safety and Security

Last updated: November 13, 2012Perry Kuklin

post and panel barracades

The phrase “access control,” typically brings to mind CSI-type security measures, like facial recognition, password protection, dual control, or video surveillance. But then there is the access control of the “Please do not enter” family. When the needs of your facility include this latter type of “friendlier” monitoring, consider the following options for getting your point across in a less irksome or off-putting way:

1. Access Control Gates

access control gate

When it’s necessary to temporarily limit access to an area – like an airplane boarding line or a priority banking line – access control gates send a clear message. Access control gates are portable, spring-loaded swinging gates that easily attach to any post or stanchion to create an instant access gate in a matter of minutes. The point is made that an area is off-limits to a certain audience for a given period of time, but the space is just as easily opened up when the time is right.

2.  Retractable Belt Stanchions

retractable belt stanchion

Retractable for a reason, the standard belt and stanchion system you rely upon to build your waiting lines can also be used to close off lines or areas. Four-way stanchions offer a great deal of versatility in adjusting or creating barriers. The heavy iron base of a retractable belt stanchion also offers exceptional stability. Even better, retractable belts can be custom-imprinted with your “Do not enter” instruction or “Sorry, this lane is closed” message to make the boundaries even clearer.

3. Post and Panel Barricades

post and panel barricade

For a slightly stronger approach, post and panel barricades can provide necessary access control while also providing major real estate for branding or advertising messages (yours or those of sponsors) or other imagery to lighten the mood. Panels make it very apparent that trying to break a barrier or sneak under it is strongly discouraged and won’t be tolerated. The durable panels have hinged connections to posts making it easy to angle these versatile panels in any direction.   Have a safety or security issue that requires some savvy maneuvering? Think beyond the obvious with these access control barriers and consult a Lavi representative for help in determining what will complement your space the best.  


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