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Guía del comprador de productos de seguridad

October 17, 2016Perry Kuklin


If you are at all involved in queue operations or management for an airport, entertainment venue, retail store, bank, or any other business, you are well aware of the challenges in maintaining public safety, ensuring a quality customer experience, and enhancing the operational performance of your queues. You have a lot to juggle.

You’ll be encouraged to learn that it is possible to address each of these challenges effectively and simultaneously with a well-planned approach. And of course, with the right set of products.

In this quick guide, we focus on safety and security by featuring some of our top products. Solutions featured in this guide will help you:

  • Create orderly queuing areas
  • Guide customers to, through, and out of the queue
  • Clearly delineate off-limits areas
  • Establish barriers around or within service areas
  • Communicate important safety and security information
  • Enhance public and employee safety


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