Why Digital Signage is a “Difference Maker” for Business [Infographic]

Por qué la señalización digital hace una diferencia para la empresas [Infografía]

Última actualización: January 08, 2014Perry Kuklin

Digital signage is making its way into the waiting line in a big way. Its popularity among businesses stems from its ability to deliver targeted information to its customers across multiple locations through a centralized control system. Plus, the system is proven effective with the highest recall rates among all advertising channels at 52%, according to Nielsen. Our latest infographic, The Digital Signage Difference Maker, illustrates how digital signage works, why businesses are taking advantage of its benefits and how it ultimately improves queue management. The greatest impact lies in improving the waiting line experience while influencing sales in the queue and at the point-of-sale. First, digital signage occupies the time of customers waiting in line so that perceived wait times are shorter. Engaging and informational videos, carefully selected advertisements, how-to videos and customer testimonials all provide entertainment to pass the time. Second, digital signage informs customers to help manage expectations and better facilitate customer flow. Use digital signage to communicate expected wait times and other real-time announcements to keep customers informed, decrease agent “down time” and ultimately decrease perceived and real wait times. Third, when combined with in-line merchandising, digital signage sells. According to DigitalSignageToday.com, 4 in 5 product brands experienced increases of up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital signage in the waiting line. Our latest infographic visually details why it pays to bring digital signage to the waiting line.

Digital Signage Difference-Maker


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