JetTrac Satellite Post

Poste Satélite JetTrac

50-5510/WB/BK/B |

Gastos de preparación: none |

Se envia en: 3 Business Days

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Poste Satélite JetTrac

Se envia en: 3 Business Days

Gastos de preparación: none


Portable JetTrac Dual

Instantly extend your coverage area with the JetTrac Satellite Post.

Easily and quickly extend the coverage of the JetTrac barrier system by an additional 65 linear feet. When used with the JetTrac Shuttle, it's easy to deploy and to store. In fact, a single person can cordon off large areas in just minutes. Includes one 65-foot-long retractable belt on a swivel base. Perfect for tarmac and terminal safety as well as for Stadiums, Arenas, Parking Garages/Lots, Convention Centers, and any large area.

  • Conveniently stores and transports in the JetTrac Shuttle.
  • Belt extends up to 65 feet.
  • Height: 40"     Base diameter: 14"     Weight: 50 lbs.