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The Roles and Responsibilities of In-Queue Merchandising Displays

November 15, 2012Perry kuklin

Merchandising in the checkout line is a great way to get eyeballs on items that might otherwise be ignored, push hot-ticket items at an even faster rate, and keep your clientele waiting happily – and perhaps even wishing their waits were a little longer so they can continue perusing. When it comes to selecting the right merchandising displays for your queue, there are many details to consider. To help you piece together a checkout line with maximum functionality, enjoyment, and profitability, it’s helpful to understand the “roles and responsibilities” of various merchandising display elements:

Hooks and baskets and shelves, oh my!

hanging basket

Hooks, baskets, and shelves are staples in the world of in-queue merchandising. They offer highly visible and intuitive ways to showcase small items (snacks, office supplies, lip balm, hand lotion, socks, gift cards), whether displayed on a freestanding panel or incorporated into a checkout line on stanchions or posts.

Slat wall and grid panels

Slat wall

The best place to hang those hooks and baskets? Slat wall or grid panels create the perfect backdrop for your merchandise. Whether you choose the openness of a grid panel or the sleekness of a slat wall panel, you’ll find either to be versatile enough to allow for a variety of merchandising configurations. Plus, the double-sided nature of both these panels packs a large merchandising area into a very compact space, maximizing dollars per square foot.

Framed signage panels

When you want to sell an idea or promote an item or event, framed signage panels allow for hard-to-miss branding or product messaging. Clear panels protect printed graphics that give people the information they need about your business and merchandise.

Clear merchandising bowls

clear merchandising bowls

When it comes to making a good deal more apparent, clear merchandising bowls can’t be beat. Bowls can attach to the tops or sides of stanchions, making the items inside readily available, visible, and irresistible.

In-line tables

in-line tables

In-queue merchandising isn’t always about selling products on the spot. Sometimes it’s about facilitating a deeper relationship with your customers. In-line tables can give your customers a place to sign up for your newsletter, enter your latest contest, or enroll in a store credit card or rewards program. Tables can easily attach to stanchions and can be equipped with panels that allow for the display of baskets, hooks, and trays and profit-generating merchandise. When merchandising displays are combined with line-forming stanchions, belts, and signage, you can turn a haphazard waiting line into an orderly, interesting, and productive queue. The experts at Lavi can help plan your approach and ensure that you don’t fall victim to the pitfalls of in-line merchandising like overdoing it, merchandising on the turns, or installing precariously positioned displays. Request a sales call.

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