Why Merchandising Matters [Infographic]

March 06, 2014Perry Kuklin

65 percent of retail sales are driven by impulse shopping. At the same time, waiting lines deter even the most impulsive shopper from hanging in there to finish their desired transaction. Retailers can capture more of these impulse sales with merchandising in the queue. As customers wait, they get to shop. Not only will sales increase, but customer satisfaction levels will rise as shoppers are distracted from their wait at hand and experience a decrease in perceived wait times. Win-win for shoppers and retailers.

So, how do in-line merchandising strategies really work? From stanchions and racks to baskets and signage, there are many details involved in not only choosing the appropriate equipment, but setting it up properly to most effectively utilize the benefits of in-line merchandising.

Our latest infographic illustrates why retailers should consider in-queue merchandising as an important aspect of their retail strategy to boost customer satisfaction levels while simultaneously increasing impulse sales. You will discover the various components of in-queue merchandising including the mechanics of the merchandising displays and the benefits provided to both customers and retailers.

In-Queue Merchandising Infographic

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