New Web App Helps Retailers Visualize a Holistic Customer Journey

Lavi Industries Unveils Interactive Web App to Help Retailers Visualize a Holistic Approach to the Customer Journey

Last updated: December 05, 2017Perry Kuklin

The new virtual tour lets retailers view an optimized store environment that features integrated customer flow and queue management solutions to boost service delivery and improve the customer experience.

December 5, 2017 (Valencia, CA) - Lavi Industries introduces a new virtual tour for retailers, featuring an interactive look at top solutions for an optimized in-store environment. The tour highlights Lavi’s extensive and holistic approach to the customer journey, with solutions including queue management technologies, people counting and analytics systems, crowd control and signage solutions, and store fixtures and merchandising systems.

The tour features a sample retail environment, layered with a wide range of Lavi solutions that are designed to optimize retail queues, enhance service delivery, and improve overall store performance.

Lavi Industries designed the virtual tour to help retailers discover and easily visualize how a store can perform better with a holistic approach to the customer journey. It places a special emphasis on queue management technology and solutions to address a key driver of customer satisfaction. Whether needing help from a store associate, waiting for a dressing room, picking up merchandise ordered online, or waiting to check out, the customer journey experience can have a great impact on customer loyalty and ultimately store performance.

“Layer upon layer, the solutions and strategies retailers put in place ultimately drive total store performance,” remarks Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing for Lavi Industries. He explains, “At Lavi Industries, we focus on helping retailers address critical areas that impact the customer experience, staff productivity, impulse sales, and in-store conversion rates.”

Founded more than 35 years ago, Lavi Industries launched its new award-winning website in 2017. Today, it continues to invest in building a place for companies across industries to find ideas and solutions to key business challenges. The new interactive tour for retailers is just one of several new features the company intends to add to its website to continue to deliver value to visitors and customers.

Learn more and view the interactive tour for retailers here: /en/industry-solutions/retail/queue-management-systems


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