10 Best Wayfinding Products to Improve Customer Flow

October 11, 2012Perry Kuklin

You know your facility like the back of your hand, but don’t let that intimate knowledge get in the way of a back-to-basics wayfinding approach. Customers and visitors to your venue, facility, or store instinctively look for instructions – many simply want to get to their desired destination without having to ask for help. And they also want to clearly know when they've arrived at their desired destination, whether it’s a seating area, assigned seat, waiting line, or virtual waiting area.

Customer confusion creates bottlenecks and wrecks customer flow. That’s why facility managers and others in charge of customer flow turn to wayfinding products like these:

swing gates

1. Post-top sign frames Whether you’re using stanchions to mark off an area or designate a queue, those posts can do double-duty and serve as a spot to display direction-oriented post-top signage. Place signage on entrance posts or at the end of queue so visitors know where to line up and wait, or reinforce the purpose of a cordoned-off area.

swing gate signage

2. Swing gates with signage A gate often means “do not enter” but a gate could also be an entrance or exit; your visitors won’t know for sure unless you tell them. Prevent customer flow from stopping dead in its tracks as people try to figure out what they’re allowed to do and what’s off-limits. Add signage to swing gates to keep crowds moving. Two words like “exit” and “push” can be the difference between a traffic jam and smooth sailing.

hinged frame

3. Hinged frame sign panels There is no getting past the girth of multiple hinged-frame sign panels, and there is no missing the message that these panels are sending when they’re displayed to create a pathway for customers. Panels can go one step further and be printed with directions or other information to keep people moving on the right path.

slim frame barricade signage

4. Slim frames Looking for a slightly less in-your-face way of getting a clear wayfinding message across? Slim frames are sleek, modern, and designed to work with stanchions so that your message is loud and clear while a pathway is being reinforced through accompanying belts or repetitive slim frames.

sign stands

5. Traditional sign stands Traditional sign stands are ideal for any enterprise or venue. Portable, easily changed, and universally recognized as a call to attention, sign stands do their best work offering concise information through brief text or bold graphics, like designating a no-smoking area, a handicapped area, additional seating, or refreshments.

digital signage in queue

6. Digital signage These days, everyone appreciates and trusts technology that tells them what to do, where to go, and when things are happening. Digital signage enhances wayfinding by displaying information that could change at the drop of a hat, such as arrivals and departures or estimated wait times. One quick glance and your guest knows what they need to know and will go on their way, keeping that customer flow moving smoothly.

post banners

7. Post banners No one will accuse you of being too subtle about the message or instruction you’re trying to convey when you use tall, double-sided post banners. This colorful, dynamic signage is designed to be attention-grabbing, so have your banners printed with clear, succinct information that’ll keep the crowd flowing.

printed stanchion belts

8. Directional signage on retractable belts For a unique, yet intuitive way of directing customer flow look to retractable belt stanchions with custom imprinting. Printing wayfinding messaging on the belts themselves allows you to reinforce a temporary pathway you’ve created while also clearly conveying a wayfinding message, whether it’s to identify a queue, a blocked-off area, or a VIP section. Retractable belts can be printed with custom messages (even branded colors) or standard jargon that clearly establishes where customers are to go and what path they’re supposed to take to get there

. poster stands

9. Poster display sign stands Holding a special event in a busy mall where plenty of other events are happening? Whether guests are looking for instructions on how to get to Santa’s workshop or locate public restrooms, make your message nice and clear with poster display sign stands placed strategically at intervals along the way.

wall mounted frames

10. Wall-mounted sign frames and snap frames Are there multiple directions your guests will be veering off into when they enter your facility? Whether you’re thinking about the customer flow of your museum, concert venue, or office building, the important thing is to get people started on the right path as soon as they walk through the front door.

Wall-mounted sign frames or snap frames allow you to display detailed instructions or one large message – all easily changed in and out when necessary. Remember to never sacrifice clarity for creativity when it comes to wayfinding products. Assume that every person who enters your facility has never been there before and is completely unfamiliar with their surroundings – how will you guide them through?  

Get a pair of fresh eyes to plan the signage for your venue. Contact a Lavi public guidance expert.

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