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7 Great Uses for Wall-Mounted Retractable Belts

October 22, 2012Perry Kuklin

wall-mounted retractable belts

It might not be the most glamorous product you’ve ever seen but when it comes to versatility, convenience, and safety, the wall-mounted retractable belt barrier is a Clark Kent waiting to happen. A super hero among crowd control products, the wall-mounted retractable belt can block off access in seconds, redirect traffic in an instant, and prevent would-be mishaps in the blink of an eye. Don’t let the name fool you, these “wall-mounted” devices don’t have to be mounted to a “typical” wall. They can be mounted to any wall-like surface – a doorway entry, the sides of an escalator, a turnstile, theater seats, pillars, and so on. Any environment or situation that is known to require redirection or closure can make good use of wall-mounted retractable belts.

Here’s how it works:

  • Wall-mounted retractable belt units are installed at opportune locations within your facility and a small belt receptacle is installed just opposite of it.
  • Whenever needed, staff members simply pull out the belt and slide the end into the belt receptacle.
  • Access is effectively closed off and easily re-opened when safe or appropriate.
  • A variety of belt ends – standard, magnetic, s-hook, and Velcro – make these units extremely versatile.

Here are just some of the ways you can use these handy devices to enhance safety in your facility:

  1. Restrooms Doorless restrooms make for good customer flow and convenient entrances and exits, but there are times when they need to be quickly cordoned off for routine maintenance or closure.
  2. Escalators A broken-down escalator must be tended to instantly. Wall-mounted retractable belts at the top and bottom of these electric stairs keep customers safe.
  3. Elevators Elevator out of service? Caution tape gets the point across but it certainly doesn’t have any longevity. Belts make it clear when an elevator is closed for business.
  4. Stairways Securely attaching a belt to block off the entrance to a flight of stairs is an effective and efficient alternative to relying on staff members or makeshift cones or other haphazard barriers.
  5. Aisles Whether grocery store or theater, stadium or church, there are times when certain aisles must be blocked off for reserved seating or to make room for a clean-up. Get the message across with belts that are strongly in place.
  6. Register closures Service agent going on break? Just because the lane’s light is turned off doesn’t mean patrons are clear about a line’s availability. A cash register closure will be completely clear with a wall-mounted retractable belt in place.
  7. Corridor barriers Hotel corridor reserved for a celebrity, wedding guests, or remodel? Wall mounted belts make it easy to clarify what areas are off-limits to guests and which corridors are more than welcoming.

Talk to a Lavi crowd control expert about the ways in which wall-mounted retractable belts can enhance the security of your facility.

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