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3 Key Components of Any Successful Crowd Control Strategy

September 21, 2017Perry Kuklin

Crowd control is a loaded concept. It can involve everything from “controlling” crowds at a small community parade to crowd control at a large stadium. At either end of the spectrum, there are some basics to cover. Here we look at 3 components of a successful crowd control strategy when it comes to equipment:

1. Stanchions and Barriers to Establish Clear Boundaries

From retractable belt stanchions to rigid rail barriers, these staples of crowd control help establish clear boundaries for everything from waiting lines to walkways. For extra strength, look for mounting solutions that keep stanchions firmly in place either with a strong magnet or with a permanent fixture.

2. Signage to Help Guide People to Where They Need to Go

Wayfinding or directional signage is key to controlling crowds. Universal symbols to represent important instructions such as ‘do not enter’ or ‘line forms here’ or ‘exit this way’ can help keep crowds moving in the right direction and avoid chaos. Digital signage can be used to give up-to-the-minute information in case of emergencies or change of directions to keep the flow of customers going.

3. Solutions to Enhance Safety and Security

Safety barriers and security partitions can take a basic crowd control strategy up a notch. Post and panel barriers set a clear ‘do not pass’ boundary and swing gates provide convenient access for authorized personnel while alerting others to wait points or ‘no entry’ areas. You can even consider ballistic panels for added protection in case of heightened security concerns.

Crowd control is always a moving target, but these three components can set the tone for a successful strategy. Does your crowd control approach need a refresh? Talk to a Lavi expert.

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