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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Company Reputation with Queue Management

February 28, 2018Perry Kuklin

If your business involves any type of waiting system for customers, queue management is part of your day-to-day operations.

As one of the final stages of the customer experience, it’s worthwhile to make your company’s queue management strategy efficient and enjoyable for customers and employees alike. Tailor your approach to the specific needs of your business to build a positive company reputation.

Here are three ways that thoughtful queue management can feed into a stronger company reputation:

1.  Build a reputation for strong customer service by boosting employee satisfaction and productivity.

Long lines of customers caused by a poorly structured queue layout often leads to unhappy customers. But it can also leave your employees feeling frustrated or exhausted. Alternatively, choosing the right queue management solution for your business can empower your employees. With effective queue management, your employees can benefit from a greater sense of control and satisfaction with their work.

Increasing the happiness of your employees sets off a ripple effect that can ultimately enhance the overall customer experience. For example, when employees are no longer concerned about issues such as crowd management, they can put more focus on delivering a memorable customer service encounter.

2. Achieve quality control by adopting a data-driven queue management processes.

When it comes to queue management, there is no one-size-fits-all. It’s important to recognize the right type of queue for the right “situation.” Queue management technology can provide powerful insights that improve quality control for your business. Benefits include accurately predicting the ebbs and flow of customer traffic and guiding customers to under-utilized queues (thus improving the customer experience by increasing queue efficiency and reducing wait time).

Consider the importance of crowd control in airport security screening. In that context, effective queue management, such as crowd control, plays an important role in Transportation Security Administration (TSA) quality control. To lend perspective, on average more than 2.5 million passengers go through TSA every single day.  Improper queue management in this context could lead to quality issues that distract employees from important tasks, such as luggage screening. However, queue management that systematically controls crowds allows TSA workers to concentrate on the tasks that allow for efficient, high quality security measures that enhance passenger safety.

3. Consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience.

No one wants to stand in line. Period. There are numerous ways an effective queue management strategy can enhance the overall customer experience. Direct ways to improve your customer experience through queue management include using virtual queuing systems or call forward systems to streamline the wait. There are opportunities for indirect benefits, too. As previously mentioned, an effective queue management system can empower employees and relieve them of trivial tasks that pull them away from addressing customer needs.

Consider the impact of this in retail. By cutting out unnecessary queue oversight from the list of employee tasks, employees can instead shift their focus to providing exceptional service to your customers. An interactive customer service can lead customers to associate your business with a positive shopping experience that increases the chance of repeat customer visits.

In short, queue management solutions can benefit your company reputation by increasing measures for quality control as well as upholding the satisfaction of your employees and customers.

Read about more queue management technology use cases here.

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