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3 Ways to Trigger Impulse Sales with Store Fixtures

May 18, 2017Perry Kuklin

Customers in your checkout queue are your captive audience. You have their time and their attention. Why not also have a share of their wallet? There is perhaps no better time to present your customers with products that will entice their spending impulse and capitalize on their intentions than in the queue. And there’s only one thing you need more than the right products to facilitate the process. You need the right store fixtures.

Merchandising in the queue increases impulse buying up to 400% but you need the hardware to make it happen. Bring store fixtures into any existing queue for versatile standalone merchandising. Bonus: By keeping waiting customers busy, you reduce perceived wait-times, too!

Here are 3 ways to trigger impulse sales in your queue with the help of store fixtures:

1. Display it well

Slatwall or wire grid panels that connect to stanchions form a solid structure for your queue while also giving you the flexibility to display your merchandise on shelves, in baskets, racks, and much more. What’s important is an organized and eye-catching system to put impulse merchandise in front of your captive audience.

Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of in-queue merchandising displays here.

2. Promote and communicate

Boost impulse sales and improve customer flow with in-queue signage. From directing people to the entrance of your queue to informing them of the price and features of products you have displayed in the queue, signage plays a key role. You can even consider using signage panels to help balance out the merchandise and build your brand in the process.

3. Accessorize!

From post-top merchandising bowls to in-queue tables, accessorizing your queue can turn otherwise un-utilized space into impulse sales central. Use a table to give customers a place to sign up for your frequent shopper club or apply for a store card; use merchandising bowls to attractively display items at eye level. And look for many other types of accessories to put the finishing touches on an effectively-merchandised queue.

When you’re looking for store fixtures, look for a system that is modular and portable. The right system will elevate the customer experience, increase engagement, and generate impressive ROI.

Looking for the right system? Consider our NeXtrac merchandising and signage systems and watch your queue become your next top sales agent.

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