[Quick Guide] Safety and Security Products for the Transportation Industry

Last updated: August 12, 2015Perry Kuklin


Travelers want to know when they choose your airport, bus terminal, train station, or other transportation hub that they’ll be safe and secure every single moment. It’s a challenge for anyone in queue operations or management to maintain passenger safety while also ensuring passenger satisfaction and operational success. Taking the right approach and thoughtfully implementing the right mix of products can help address all of these needs. But there are a lot of options available, and the demands of each airport or passenger-focused business can vary. Comparing products side by side is time-consuming and can start to become an information overload. To help you decide which safety and security products are right for your transportation queues, we’re pleased to announce our latest resource: Transportation Safety and Security Solutions: Your Guide to a Safer and More Secure Passenger Experience. The solutions featured in this guide are all rated by price point, ease of use, portability, stability, safety, and security.

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From stanchions to magnetic base posts, swing gates to post and shield bullet proof panels, these solutions and more can help you create orderly queuing areas, clearly delineate off-limits areas, establish barriers around or within service areas, communicate important safety and security information, enhance passenger and employee safety, and guide passengers to, through, and out of your queues. Download our latest Quick Guide – Transportation Safety and Security Solutions: Your Guide to a Safer and More Secure Passenger Experience – to start planning a better queue today.

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In-Store & Curbside Pickup


Beltrac Double Belt Mech Replacement


NeXtrac Mobile Merchandiser


NeXtrac Queue Guard