Retailer Boosts Sales 130% using Lavi's NeXtrac Merchandising Fixtures

Retailer Boosts Sales 130% using Lavi's NeXtrac Merchandising Fixtures

Last updated: February 06, 2019Perry Kuklin

New case study describes details and results of a 1,200-store rollout of NeXtrac In-Queue Merchandising Fixtures from Lavi Industries. Highlights include 130% increase in sales growth and a doubling of gross profits for stores that adopted the NeXtrac solution.

Lavi Industries, a leader in queue management and in-store merchandising fixtures for the retail industry, has released a new case study to illustrate how a leading U.S. retailer was able to boost impulse sales at checkout using NeXtrac® in-queue merchandising fixtures.

NeXtrac in-queue merchandising fixtures from Lavi Industries were adopted by more than 1,200 of the retail company’s stores and resulted in a 64% transaction growth increase, a 112% gross profit growth increase, and a 130% sales growth increase over stores that did not adopt the NeXtrac solution.

The retailer chose Lavi Industries to provide merchandising fixtures that would combine in a flexible, seamless way with the company’s merchandise selections. It was important that the solution was modular to easily adapt to numerous store footprints, flexible to accommodate a variety of merchandising planograms, and simple and straightforward to install.

According to Lavi Industries, NeXtrac allows retailers to increase available merchandising space and maximize sales per square foot without expanding the footprint of the checkout area itself.  The versatile design of NeXtrac allows stores to quickly move or swap out panels, create angles, or add messaging using portable, modular components. NeXtrac’s hinged connectors and other innovative features also allow for the merchandising solution to work across a wide range of spaces.

Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing for Lavi Industries, further explained, “An important benefit of in-queue merchandising is that it keeps customers occupied while they wait, thereby reducing perceived wait times; and with merchandise placed attractively and conveniently in the checkout area, retailers see a marked increase in impulse sales.”

To learn more about how and why this leading U.S. retailer selected the Lavi Industries NeXtrac In-Queue Merchandising Fixture solution, download the Retail Case Study: Effective Impulse Merchandising at Checkout.

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