6 Cool Retail Merchandising Ideas

October 10, 2012Perry Kuklin

Retailers constantly strive for inventive and imaginative ways of boosting sales and profitability.  Effective merchandising plays a vital role throughout the retail environment, especially as it relates to capturing those last-minute impulse sales.  Here are a few simple, yet effective merchandising ideas for capturing a greater share of the more than 65% of sales that are made on impulse.

impulse merchandising bowls

1. Impulse Merchandising Bowls

What’s easy to see is easy to buy. Clear, acrylic merchandising bowls make items immediately visible to the waiting customer. Opt for swing-arm mounts to attach multiple bowls to a single post and display items according to theme (three types of hand sanitizer), color (strawberry pink lip balm on the top, minty fresh on the bottom), or even function (four different types of batteries). Merchandising bowls are easily attached to stanchions or mounted to the sides of posts and drive seemingly instant sales.

merchandising panels and displays

2. Display Panels, Slat Walls, and Merchandising Racks

Ideal for point-of-purchase merchandisers, lightweight aluminum display walls are easily connected to upright posts to help create and maintain the queue configuration; they also work as a portable, stand-alone merchandising system. These slim, unobtrusive panels house hooks, baskets, shelves, or trays to showcase merchandise.

Display smaller goods on freestanding panels – pens, kitchen gadgets, seasonal decorations, gift bags, or irresistible trinkets for the kids. Panels can also be furnished with larger items without getting in the way of the queue’s flow. And double-sided merchandising racks double the fun and double the opportunities for displaying goods while maximizing sales per square foot.

digital signage in queue

3. Digital Signage + Merchandising

Adding digital signage to a queue that’s populated with related in-line merchandise can send impulse sales skyrocketing. Think about it: Showing a how-to video simplifying that seemingly complicated smartphone accessory will have people reaching for this must-have item which is strategically displayed right beside the screen. By using digital signage to promote products on display in a queue, you increase impulse purchases exponentially, not to mention keeping customers busy and distracted while they wait.

in line merchandising tables

4. In-Line Tables

Trying to increase sign-ups for your store credit card, discount card, or email newsletter? Attempting to sell these services when customers reach a service agent is often the worst time to do it. Catch people when they aren’t otherwise engaged – in other words, while they wait in line. In-line tables make it easy for customers to say yes, and eliminate the pressure of a service agent pushing a product as a customer is reaching for their wallet and keys. In-line tables attach to stanchion posts to assist in the formation of a queue while creating convenient stations for filling out paperwork.

merchandising signage

5. Merchandising Signage

Along with digital signage, post-top signage can direct customers’ attention to the goodies for sale. Sometimes people aren’t exactly clear about what’s on display – is that a purse or a diaper bag, gluten-free candy or sugar-free candy? Simply telling customers what’s what can increase impulse sales. Dynamic, double-sided post banners really catch the eye, while simple sign frames are ideal for displaying paper between acrylic panels making for easy switches when merchandise changes too. 

rigid rail barricades

6. Rigid Rails with Hooks and Shelves

When you need a more structured option for your queue, rigid aluminum rails are the way to go. They’re still portable but easily connect to stanchions to create a carefully designated line. What does this have to do with merchandising? Some retailers think that their merchandising options are limited when opting for this extra-secure queue, but that is far from the case. Shelves and hooks can be hung directly on the rails so customers can retrieve paperwork for sign-ups, or browse in-line merchandise available for sale.

Need help crafting an in-line merchandising strategy for your retail environment? Our queue management and in-line merchandising experts can recommend solutions that fit your space.  Request a consultation.

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