[Video] Intelligent Queue Management System with Qtrac iQ

[Video] Turn Your Stanchion into an Intelligent Queue Management System with Qtrac iQ

Last updated: February 04, 2015Perry Kuklin

Consider the three key components of most waiting lines: the customers, the waiting area, and the service area. Left unmanaged, these three components can collide to create a negative service experience. Now, what if you could know more about what’s happening with each of these components, in real-time, with information right at your fingertips? With our new Qtrac iQ® intelligent queue management technology it’s possible. Qtrac iQ powered by Qmetrix allows you to measure, monitor, and manage your queue using an inconspicuous little sensor embedded into your Beltrac® stanchion. The infrared sensor directionally counts people with more than 95% accuracy as they enter, move through, and exit your queue. With Qtrac iQ you’ll get information about wait time, customer counts, service rate, arrival rate, service point usage and more. All of this information is transmitted to an easy to understand web-style dashboard in real-time so that you can better manage your queue. Information such as estimated wait times can automatically be displayed in service areas to better serve customers. Additionally, alerts can be sent via text or e-mail in real-time to managers when a queue falls out of compliance, allowing them to manage accordingly. With Qtrac iQ, managing a queue has never been so effortless. Check out our new Qtrac iQ explainer video to learn more:



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