4 Reasons You Need a Public Guidance Strategy

4 Reasons You Need a Public Guidance Strategy

Last updated: February 14, 2019Perry Kuklin

Public guidance might not sound like something you need to worry about. But you might be surprised to find that, in fact, just about any business or organization that has customers coming and going through its physical environment can benefit from a public guidance strategy.

First, a definition.

What is public guidance?

The term public guidance covers the strategies used to guide customers through high-traffic areas in ways that makes sense for both the business and the customer journey.

Why is it important to have a public guidance strategy?

1. To keep crowds in control

An effective public guidance strategy will help you keep crowds from clogging up or otherwise compromising safety in high traffic areas. Effective crowd control strategies include the use of wayfinding, temporary closures and barriers, and crowd control solutions that can deploy rapidly as crowds build.

Public guidance in action: In a transportation setting, such as an airport or a train station, use footfall analytics to monitor operations and crowds in order to optimize traffic flow.

2. To better manage queues

When it comes to public guidance, queue management is a key concern. Waiting lines have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and on your ability to move customers from start to finish through a given transaction or service encounter.

Public guidance in action: In retail, use public guidance strategy to create a seamless customer experience, develop brand loyalty, and increase revenue. Public guidance solutions can help reduce wait times, boost staff productivity, and leverage merchandising opportunities.

3. To facilitate customer flow

Smooth customer flow is the outcome of a well-designed public guidance strategy. Customers flow seamlessly from point A to point Z, throughout your store, facility, or business location, knowing exactly where to go, where to wait, where to exit… and the outcome is a more efficient and enjoyable experience for all.

Public guidance in action: Deliver a fuller, more enjoyable experience in performing arts centers, movie theaters, and the like by combining traditional queuing solutions with cutting-edge technology to help move people through the space, limit crowds, and actively engage customers.

4. To enhance the customer experience

A public guidance strategy isn’t all about the nuts and bolts of moving people. It’s also about creating a positive experience for your customers. Luckily, the two go hand in hand and can go even further with the use of technologies that disperse waiting crowds, allow for pre-scheduled waits, and communicate estimated wait times. 

Public guidance in action: In the financial industry, a public guidance strategy utilizing virtual queuing can allow you to capture your customer’s needs upfront and provide them with a personalized experience to increase retention.

How can your business benefit from a public guidance strategy? Do any of these elements strike a chord? Now is a great time to look at your strategy and hit the reset button if needed.


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