Lavi Industries Introduces Top-Rated Post and Shield™ Ballistic Panels

Lavi Industries Introduces Top-Rated Post and Shield™ Ballistic Panels

Last updated: November 28, 2018Perry Kuklin

Featuring certified UL Level 8 steel armor plates and anti-ricochet, anti-spalling coating, Lavi Industries’ Post & Shield ballistic panel solutions offer superior protection against ballistic threats.

November 28, 2018 (Valencia, CA) -- Lavi Industries introduces an all-new line of portable and stationary Post & Shield™ ballistic panel solutions to provide ballistic protection in a variety of settings. The Post & Shield solutions include mobile and stationary ballistic panel options, each made with top-rated UL Level 8 Armalloy steel armor plates and Encapsaloc anti-ricochet, anti-spalling armor coatings.

The top-rated ballistic panels can be used in airports, schools, stadiums, and other settings where safety is a key concern. The panels come in mobile or stationary options. The mobile panels can be moved from one place to another within a facility, and the wheels can be locked into position. Stationary panels can be created using portable stanchions that are enhanced with a heavy base for extra stability and notched to accommodate the panels. 

The ballistic panels feature certified UL Level 8 Armalloy 650 steel plates, which can stop 7.62mm and 5.56mm projectiles. Level 8 is the highest certification security rating available by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) for bullet-resistant systems. These certified plates are then coated with Encapsaloc, an anti-ricochet, anti-spalling material, which dramatically mitigates the effects of collateral damage due to ricochets and bullet fragments.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the proven stopping power of our certified ballistic panels to customers for whom safety is a top priority,” remarks Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing for Lavi Industries.

Along with posts and panels, the complete Post & Shield solution includes options for panel storage carts and post transporters. Panel storage carts offer a simple way to store and rapidly deploy panels where needed. The post transporter enables personnel to deploy a large number of stanchions in an easy-to-pull cart for larger deployments.

To see Lavi Industries’ ballistic panels in action, watch the video Here.

To learn more about the Post & Shield solution, video Click Here.


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