6 Tips to Enhance Passenger Safety and Security

6 Tips to Enhance Passenger Safety and Security

Last updated: August 20, 2015Perry Kuklin

Passengers at airports and other transportation centers want to trust that you have safeguarded the premises and ensured their well-being so they can focus on their travels ahead. Passenger-focused industries can gain the confidence of travelers by maintaining quality queue management practices and outfitting queue areas with tools that enhance security and safety. Here are six tips to improve passenger safety and security in and around your queues:

1. Create orderly queuing areas.

Disorder is the first sign of a poorly managed queue. Passengers can easily become skeptical that they’re in good hands when there is confusion or clusters of people who are unsure where to be, where to go, or where to wait.

The Lavi solution: NeXtrac gates and rigid rail barriers offer incredible stability, working well to form a queue with a secure perimeter or dividing an open space. These versatile gates and rigid rails can also serve as structural barriers for secure areas or work as partition walls.

2. Guide passengers to, through, and out of the queue.

basic retractable postTell passengers where to go with well-formed queues and clear communication.

The Lavi solution: Beltrac stanchions with their weighted steel bases handily manage heavy traffic areas in places like airports, and their 4-way belt connection allow for flexibility when creating queues. Reinforce the queue configuration with sign frames that attach to the top of the stanchion and can be printed with messages like “Wait here for your turn” or “Exit here.”

3. Clearly delineate off-limits areas.

It’s not always clear to passengers where they are and are not allowed to be in a travel hub, so outfit restricted areas with signage and public guidance equipment that makes the out-of-bounds areas obvious.

The Lavi solution: Directrac sign stands are a highly visible signage solution that keeps graphics – like “Keep Out” or “Employees Only” – snapped into place and secure. They can even be outfitted with wheels for easily relocation when necessary. For the passengers who are distracted or oblivious to signage, emphasize your off-limits message with NeXtrac rigid rail barriers.

4. Establish barriers around or within service areas.

The areas of a passenger-focused center that need some of the greatest delineation are around or within service areas.

The Lavi solution: To maintain order, you can create a well-defined perimeter with Post and Panel barriers. This queuing gear works seamlessly with Beltrac posts so panels can be positioned in a range of ways to visually define the lines of the queue and be adjusted to suit traffic flow. Panel barriers can also do double-duty by serving as signage – it’s easy to insert graphics within the barricades to convey directional or promotional messaging.

Queue Entrance5. Communicate important safety and security information.

When there is a message that every traveler absolutely needs to see, you need to get the attention of your passengers.

The Lavi solution: Tall, double-sided banner signs are designed to quickly convey queuing, security, or wayfinding information. You can also successfully provide information, direct customer flow, or call attention to specific services through digital signage displayed within the queuing area. Most people in society are programmed to notice a screen, and when people are waiting in line, they’ll be simultaneously distracted and informed with digital signage to keep their attention.

6. Enhance passenger and employee safety.

Any of the public guidance solutions mentioned above can strengthen your ability to provide public and employee safety. You can also take safety and security one step further and invest in Post and ShieldTM bullet proof panels from Lavi, which offer portable security against ballistic threats. The panels are built with bullet-resistant fiberglass and work with Beltrac® Post and Panel systems so they can be implemented into a queue or other cordoned-off area for day-to-day use.


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