Don't Let Your Customers Get Lost Finding the Queue

Don't Let Your Customers Get Lost Finding the Queue

Last updated: February 28, 2014Perry Kuklin

It’s surprising for many businesses to learn how many customers simply cannot figure out where to go when it’s time to check out. The result? Frustration, reneging, and lost revenue. The simple answer: Design your queues with first-time customers in mind. There are many tools available to guide your customers to and through the queue quite efficiently.

These way-finding products keep your customers happy by easily navigating them to YOUR desired location. Check out these top way-finding products:

stanchion signage

Tried-and-True Traditional Signage

Traditional signage is the perfect portable solution for attracting your customers to the queue. These signs are universally recognized as a “call to attention” so by displaying clear, concise information through brief text or bold graphics your customers can easily find their way. These signs are easily changed as needed and can be easily moved as traffic flow patterns change.

stanchion signage

Post-top Signage

Post-top signage is conveniently placed right on top of the stanchions that create your queue, therefore taking up no additional floor space. Direct your customers to the queue entrance as well as to the end of the queue. If a waiting line has not formed yet, your first customer will want to know where he or she should start the line.

access control gate

Swing Gates with Signage

Swing gates often mean “do not enter,” but you may want them to serve as an entrance or exit to help define your queue. Use clearly marked simple commands to let your customer know if they should “enter” or “exit.” Directional clues such as “push,” “pull” or “wait” are often beneficial and keep the line moving as efficiently as possible.

slim frames

Slim Frames

Slim frames are a sleek, modern way to implement messaging or way-finding directly into your queue or partition. They work in conjunction with stanchions to create a clear message for your customers.

slim frames

Post Banners

Post banners are specifically designed to grab your customers’ attention. These colorful, high flying, and dynamic signs clearly point customers in the right direction with succinct information designed to keep the queue flowing.

Directional Signage on Retractable Belts

This unique way for directing customer flow uses retractable belt stanchions with customized directional messages printed on the belts. Not only will they help identify the queue, but they can increase brand awareness by using branded colors and logos. These special belts also work wonders to reinforce temporary pathways, such as when you need to lengthen your queue with an increased flow of customers.


Digital Signage

For a more flexible and customized experience consider using digital signage. You can change your messages instantly to fit your current queue needs and in today’s modern world almost everyone appreciates technology that tells them where to go. This enhanced way-finding experience will also enhance the customer’s overall shopping experience. You will not only be able to direct them to and through the queue, but you will be able to supply them with estimated wait times and other relevant information for added convenience and the ultimate waiting line experience.

Tip of the Day: Remember to always utilize your way-finding products in a clear and concise manner designed with your first-time customer in mind.


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