Lavi Helps Essential Businesses Adapt to Changes in Customer Service

Lavi Helps Essential Businesses Adapt to Changes in Customer Service

Last updated: April 10, 2020Lavi Industries

Valencia California, April 10, 2020 – It is a unique time in history. Almost overnight, businesses large and small are tasked with completely changing the way they provide service to their customers. As communities navigate this new normal, Lavi Industries is using their knowledge and experience to assist businesses in providing safe and efficient public queuing options.

Though much has changed, people are still lining up for service. Businesses are adapting by allowing customers to pick up supplies without leaving their cars. Restaurants are implementing curbside pick-up and drive-thru queues. And medical centers, laboratories, and pharmacies are experiencing an influx of drive-thru and walk-up testing.   

For over forty years, Lavi Industries has worked closely with businesses, helping them evaluate, design, and develop their crowd control and queue management needs, including indoor and outdoor queue systems, informational signs & wayfinding solutions, and safety barriers for access control or blocking off restricted areas. “A month ago, we were talking to organizations about managing checkout queues and reservation lines.” states Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing for Lavi Industries, “Now, given the current climate, we’re offering our experience and unique talents to help companies navigate this radical change in how they interact with their customers. We’re helping them create physical queuing systems that enable safe social distancing, and smartphone queuing solutions that provide contactless customer engagement.” He speaks from experience. In the days following 9/11, the TSA reached out to Lavi to assist in the development of safe and efficient security queuing strategies for America’s travelers. Lavi continues to provide the TSA, as well as countless other organizations, with queue management strategy, products and services.

“Helping businesses control crowds, guide people, and create safe environments where groups of people congregate is what we’ve always done”, says Kuklin. Lavi Industries provides consultation services to businesses and agencies to help develop safe and efficient queues, directing customers, passengers, and patients where they need to be—whether on foot or in vehicles. In addition to their consultation services, Lavi proudly offers indoor and outdoor queuing stanchions, large-area crowd control barriers, stanchion signs & wayfinding systems, wall-mounted retractable safety barriers, and post & panel partition walls and barriers, all proudly made in the USA.

“We are open and here to support all of our customers, including Airports, Grocery Stores, Retailers, Pharmacies, Healthcare Facilities, and Distribution Centers around the world that many are depending on right now.” Kuklin remarks, “We know that our customers are looking for immediate solutions so that they can protect the safety and health of their customers, and we are ready and equipped to help them do so”.   

About Lavi Industries

Based in Valencia, California, Lavi Industries is the premier provider of public guidance and crowd control solutions in the Americas. Leveraging its portfolio of world-class brands – Beltrac® stanchions, Directrac® signage systems, Qtrac® electronic queuing systems, and NeXtrac® in-queue merchandising systems – Lavi has helped the world’s leading companies effectively guide people in, through, and out of their facilities. More information is available at


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