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6 Components of an In-Line Merchandising System

August 22, 2013Perry Kuklin

With 65 percent of all retail sales bought on impulse, in-line merchandising is a great way to capture last-minute impulse purchases in the checkout line. In-line merchandising systems are flexible, allowing for quick and easy additions, rearrangements, or reconfiguring of components depending on available stock, the time of year, or even the day of the week. Here are the six components of an in-line merchandising system that can be used to display merchandise, marketing, branding, and more:

1. Merchandisers & Display Panels

merchandising display panel

Grid walls, slat walls, and display panels provide the backdrop for branding and merchandising in the queue. Consider this your merchandising foundation from which your merchandising system will take hold.

2. Signage and Branding

From simple price tag signs to full-color panel billboards or video screens, queue merchandising systems can go beyond just merchandise display to delivering information, education, and entertainment. Signage in the queue helps to grab your customer’s attention from a distance or direct them to information at their fingertips.

rigid rail barricades

3. Rigid Rail Queuing Barricade

Modern and sleek, rigid rails keep a queue in check by delineating the space where people are to stand, but they also do double duty as signage and branding. Acrylic panels or printed sintra easily slides between a top and bottom rail to provide translucent branding or opaque advertising panels.

4. Hooks, Baskets, Shelves, Racks, and Bowls

in-line merchandise

From loose snacks to flat gift cards, from large boxes to books & magazines, almost any merchandise plan can be accommodated with the large variety of hooks, baskets, shelves, racks, and bowls that make it possible to effectively display items in the queue.

5. In-Line Tables

Waiting is an undesirable thing, whether you’re buying something fun or suffering through another trip to the DMV. In-line tables can simplify life for customers and make their time more productive. Strategically placed, these lengthy but lithe tables create spots for paperwork to be completed before a customer reaches the service counter, thereby increasing customer queue flow, and perhaps even increasing in-store sign-ups for credit cards, discount cards, or promotions.

6. Upright Merchandiser Posts

When your queues are constructed of upright merchandiser posts with dovetail grooves, it’s possible to quickly and easily attach (or detach) another component to lengthen, shorten, or highlight a section of the queue. Available in a variety of heights, these posts can even accommodate tall banners and signage. Learn more about these six in-line merchandising components and how they can be implemented in your existing queues. Speak with a Lavi expert today.

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