Create a VIP Guest Experience for All With Queuing Tips

4 Hospitality Queuing Tips to Create a VIP Guest Experience for All

Last updated: April 18, 2017Perry Kuklin

Success in the hospitality industry is about far more than just filling seats and beds. Success today requires a holistic approach to treating each guest like a VIP. The baseline today may be more comparable to a gold standard in years past. And for guests who truly are your best, most loyal customers, you must ensure you can identify and reward them accordingly with service above and beyond what is expected.

1. Build a Quality Queue

An excellent experience begins when you create a welcoming environment with products that say, "we care." And following it up with genuine quality care. Details such as velvet rope lined queues make a classic statement. Rigid rail queues portray a clean and modern look. Elegant architectural railings can also give a special feel. Use these structural products to design a quality queue matching the high quality of your service. The consistency builds trust and lets your guest know they can count on your quality.

2. Clearly Distinguish Waiting Lines

With color coding or printed messaging, customized belt stanchions can clearly distinguish waiting lines or other areas designed for premium guests. A clear queue or waiting area allows customers to relax and remain focused on getting their needs met.

3. Give Them a “Virtual” Wait

If guests must wait to be served, try a virtual queue, which can afford guests the luxury of waiting any way or place they prefer. Scheduling an arrival time goes one step further, offering guests flexibility to fit their busy schedule while also matching a great service agent or addressing other known personal preferences upon arrival.

4. Maintain, Maintain, Maintain

One last reminder – don’t lose sight of basic maintenance to keep your equipment working well and looking sharp. Guests may walk through the door for one reason, and can come back (or not) for lots of reasons. Schedule routine equipment and design reviews.

There are countless details involved in delivering a true VIP experience for all guests. Your queuing areas can help you make a great first impression and make one of the most stressful parts of any guest experience (the waiting part) more pleasant, even enjoyable. For ideas or support with design or implementation, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Lavi experts.


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