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Your Intro to the Heart of the Qtrac iQ System

May 12, 2015Perry Kuklin

Qtrac iQ® powered by Qmetrix is the latest in intelligent queue management, and at the heart of it is the Beltrac® stanchion that has set the standard in public guidance and queue management year after year. We’ve taken the Beltrac stanchion that you know and love and integrated a powerful intelligent queuing system inside it. With the Qtrac iQ system, managers are able to monitor, measure, and manage their queue in real-time, streamlining their jobs, and ultimately delivering a better queuing experience to the customer. To better understand how how Qtrac iQ works, let’s take a look at the heart of the system, the Beltrac intelligent post:

Beltrac® Pedigree

Tried and True. The Qtrac iQ system utilizes the same Beltrac stanchion that you’ve trusted for years, featuring a one-piece extrusion, embedded mechanism, slow-retracting belt, and a universal belt end. There is no need to revamp your entire queue as the Qtrac iQ post seamlessly integrates with your existing queuing system.

Dual Infrared Sensors

This is where the magic starts. The Beltrac intelligent post features dual infrared-based beam break technology, which means there is no need for an opposing receiving post or a reflector for the system to work. People are sensed and counted directionally (that’s right, you can tell when a customer leaves your queue prematurely) with over 95% accuracy.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

You’re probably thinking by now, “Great, I have to run power to each post?” Not the case. Each post contains a high-capacity Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack that keeps the post powered for 6 months or longer. Even better, they fully recharge in just 9 hours and have a warranty of 4 years.

Zigbee® Wireless Technology

Again, no wires are required to transmit queue data to the backend system. Simply setup the Beltrac intelligent posts, turn them on, and start transmitting data. Queue data, sensor strength, and configuration information are securely transmitted using Zigbee wireless technology based on the industrial strength IEEE 802.15.4 radio protocol.

Magnetic Mounting Technology

A strong foundation is important, and keeping your sensor in place is too. We use Lavi’s proprietary magnetic base featuring eighteen Neodymium Grade N35 magnets to firmly hold the post in place. While magnetic mounting is secure, you’re still able to easily remove and reposition the post when needed.

Positioning Plate

Easy to install, easy to use. The stainless steel floor plate doesn’t require bolts or core drilling to mount. It is easily affixed to the floor using aircraft-quality 3M adhesive. And it features Twist-lock™ technology, which guarantees the perfect positioning of the post each and every time. Now that you’re familiar with how the heart of the Qtrac iQ real-time, intelligent queue management system functions, this is a great time to learn how the web-style dashboards give managers the power to measure, monitor, and manage their queue in real-time. Learn more about Qtrac iQ  

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