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Must Have Products for Crowd Control at Events

February 20, 2014Perry Kuklin

Effective crowd control involves careful preparation and planning prior to the “big day.” The number one concern is safety. Large crowds need to be kept organized and happy for the wellbeing of everyone involved. The second concern is attendee enjoyment.

You want your attendees to leave remembering the great time they had at the ball game, the concert, the conference….not the lousy time they had waiting in line or wandering around confused as to the location of the restroom. As you plan your next big event utilize these must have products for effectively controlling your crowd.

retractable belt stanchion

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Retractable belt stanchions provide crowd management for the most basic to the most sophisticated types of events. This very versatile product will easily expand and retract with the flow of crowds and a four-way receptacle allows belts to expand in any direction. For added flexibility, a universal belt-end can make it easy to integrate a new stanchion into an existing queue or crowd control arrangement.

These modern and multi-purpose crowd control tools are not only versatile, but can be customized with a variety of post finishes and belts that can be embellished with logos, graphics and messages for your target look and feel.

magnetic base system for stanchions

Post mounting options

There are multiple options available for post mounting, including both permanent and transportable options. For areas where the flow of people is steady and consistent opt for a more permanent solution, but when you need to quickly change crowd control configurations use semi-permanent or portable solutions. Utilize equipment that is strong enough to control the flow of the crowd, but is easily transportable for reconfigurations that accommodate the change in crowd direction from incoming to outgoing.

stanchion storage transporter

The most popular semi-permanent post mounting product includes magnetic bases for retractable-belt stanchions and other posts. These bases allow posts to be quickly and easily removed from the floor plate as needed for a hassle-free reconfiguration process.

Portable Post Transporters

The right post transporters allow you to be prepared. Convenient and easily accessible storage for your frequently used crowd control products, ease of transport and rapid deployment of stanchions allow you to be prepared to create the appropriate crowd control configurations for the various situations the event will present.

Additionally, these post transporters assemble quickly in the field from minimal parts and then link together for an easy deployment of a large number of posts.

access control gate

Access Control Gates

Access control gates aid your top priorities: safety and control. These portable swinging gates visually alert the public while giving you the option of completely blocking off potentially hazardous areas or just temporarily restricting access. These gates are portable, easily attach to stanchions and create instant access, or restrictions, within minutes.

Portable Safety Barriers

Portable safety barriers offer a slightly stronger solution to access control. These secure and durable panels make it very clear that breaking the barrier is not allowed. These panels utilize hinged connections to posts making it easy to angle them in any direction. An additional bonus, the panels can serve as an accommodation for graphics, messages and other advertising.

theme park tall banners


Last, but not least utilize signage to mitigate major crowd control issues. Keep confusion at bay with simple commands that direct people to their proper destinations such as to their seats, to restrooms, to concessions and safely back to their cars. Traditional sign stands are free standing, very flexible in any crowd control configuration and can easily be deployed as needed for various event situations.

Post-top and digital signage offers a more permanent solution for areas that have steady flows of people or are unchanging, designated waiting areas or lines. For more information on how to successfully deploy crowd control for patron safety and enjoyment download one of these popular resources: The Ultimate Stanchion Buyer’s Guide Smooth Customer Flow Guide

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