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Keys to Effective Digital Signage

January 20, 2014Perry Kuklin

Digital signage is an effective way to reach your customers via electronic displays. Systematically deployed information targets customers with images and videos for both educational and entertainment purposes. These messages align with corporate, regional and/or store-level goals and priorities to manage queues, enhance customer experiences and drive sales. Digital signage must be implemented correctly for optimal influence over customers and power over queue management. The wrong display placement, poor delivery of content, or lack of relevant information can be the difference between “sky high” sales and lackluster results. Pay special attention to these 4 strategies as you setup and implement your digital signage.

1. Set your communication goals

Set your communication goals first. In order to effectively implement a digital signage system you need to understand what needs it is fulfilling. Outline what you plan to accomplish and how you will measure the results. Who are you targeting with your digital signage? What kind of customer will be watching your displays and when? What type of content will you be delivering - advertisements, how-to videos, wait time updates or a combination of information? Will audio be involved? How do you know if anyone is watching? Are they jumping to action by buying on the spot or referring your product or service to a friend?

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2. Strategically choose the location of your displays

Once your communication goals are established, strategically choose the locations of your displays. Choose places where your displays will be most effective for your target customers. You may need displays throughout the store or just in your queue. Be mindful to not overwhelm a location with too many competing images or sounds as it could irritate your customers and lose its power of influence. Next, determine height placement for optimal viewing. You do not want your customers strained to see your displays. Choose comfortable viewing scenarios at all times.

3. Invest in quality content

As a business, you always want your company being presented in the “best light.” You want your customers to have an outstanding perception of your brand that compels them to not only buy at that point in time, but recall your brand the next time they need your specific product or service. Positively engage your customers through quality content that is relevant to them whether through in-store promotions, how-to videos or strictly entertainment.

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4. Refresh your displays routinely

A digital display by nature has the ability to change its content frequently; therefore, there is no excuse for leaving stale information on display. You do not want your customers losing interest in what you have to say. Keep them engaged by updating your content frequently. You can do this automatically at specific points in time or manually as you see fit from a centralized control desk. Your digital signage can entertain your customers, enhance their waiting line experience, assist in managing your queue and drive sales if effectively implemented. Pay special attention to the locations of your displays, the quality of the content you deliver and the ability to target your customers with fresh, relevant information. How will digital in-store communications enhance your business this year?

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