How to Loop Customer Feedback into Your Queuing Strategy

How to Loop Customer Feedback into Your Queuing Strategy

Last updated: December 07, 2016Perry Kuklin

Footfall and queuing analytics systems are fantastic - even transforming how we service customers. With highly accurate people counts, real-time alerts, and so much more, analytics systems now include powerful tools to better understand what customers are doing in order to meet their needs moment to moment. But do these tools really help you meet your customers’ needs accurately? How do you know? If you’re not including the customers in the conversation, you may need to revise your strategy.

Technology can provide data, even highly useful data. With today’s queue management technology solutions, managers are able to track and react to the KPIs they believe are important. But what if customers disagree about which measures make a difference? How many people are circulating through the queue may be a helpful measurement to management, but it’s less valuable if what people care about most is what they feel while they wait.

Is it possible to establish entire operational systems around KPIs that serve the company and not the customer? Yes. This is a possible and probable outcome if customer feedback isn’t a regular part of your queue management and overall customer flow system.  But how do you find out what customers really think? The answer is simple: ask.

It’s about the customer experience, not yours.

89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience by 2020[1]. Organizations that take customer experience seriously will stand out and win customers. Businesses that don’t listen carefully enough to really understand what customers need will be left behind. Customers will tell you what they want, making it far easier to deliver on target.

Building customer feedback into your queuing and overall customer service process can ultimately provide a valuable dimension to your queue management, or anywhere in your store or company environment for that matter. A feedback system provides a connected, respectful way to inquire into whether what you’re doing is working or not and what your customers are wanting and needing. It allows the customers who want to let you know what they think a chance to efficiently do just that. And then you can integrate their feedback into your management process and adjust accordingly. Are you hitting their mark of excellence? A yes will take you farther toward loyal customers and a sustainable healthy bottom line.

Effective feedback vehicles can include electronic surveys on mobile devices or an in-store digital sign solution, an at-home survey via a link on the receipt, social media polling (or general social media listening), or many other interactive opportunities to connect.

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