Lavi Quick Tip: Keeping Brass Posts Looking New

November 14, 2012Perry Kuklin

brass stanchion posts

Our brass posts are located in high-traffic areas and they’re starting to look grungy and tarnished. How do we get them to look like new, and stay that way?

Here’s what’s going on

By its nature, brass tarnishes easily and ends up looking a bit weathered, sooner than we’d like. In high-traffic areas, people inevitably touch what’s nearby – and brass posts are often one of the casualties.

The solution

First, the solution is not to use a clear coating that “prevents” the brass from tarnishing. It may look fine at the start, but this option is not really protecting the brass – under heavy traffic and use the coating begins to wear off, making the area look even worse than a tarnished post. One of the many reasons people choose brass stanchions is because they’re so durable. That’s why amusement parks and areas with major crowds often employ this crowd control solution. You don’t have to give it up. When dealing with high-traffic public guidance areas that require a brass-look solution, we utilize a process that mimics brass – it looks like brass and acts like brass – except for the tarnishing. And the results are proven. We field tested this product in one of the most high-traffic, high-touch environments you can imagine (we can’t name names here but call us for details) and after three months, the brass-like stanchions still look brand new, even after being touched by thousands of grimy, sticky, sweaty hands. Have a product question or crowd control query that needs a quick solution? Leave a comment here and we will get back to you with an answer and possibly also address the issue in a future installment of Lavi Quick Tips!

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