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Baggage Sizers: One Way to Improve the Passenger Pre-Boarding Experience

June 25, 2013Perry Kuklin

Here’s the scenario: A traveler is preparing to fly out for a long-awaited vacation. He’s checked the necessary bags and kept one (seemingly) reasonably sized carry-on bag in his possession. He finally goes through ticketing and reaches his seat on the plane – only to fail in an attempt to shove a too-big suitcase into the overhead compartment, irritating surrounding passengers as he squishes their baggage, gets in their way with his futile efforts, and ultimately has to give up and squeeze his way back through the plane to relinquish his bag to the attendant. Clearly it’s wise for airlines to help passengers avoid this situation. This is where baggage sizers come in.

Simplifying the Carry-On Process

Checking baggage after boarding the plane isn’t only inconvenient for the passenger, it’s inconvenient for airline employees and officials who then have to make the effort to stash the bag under the plane and ensure that it reaches the proper destination. All without delaying the flight. When customers know what to expect before walking onto a plane with an oversized bag, they’ll be less surprised to find that their bag does not meet airline requirements for a carry on and has to be checked. Baggage sizers make it possible for airlines to better communicate with passengers about baggage requirements, and making baggage sizers available can reduce the number of bags that have to be checked after a passenger boards. It’s far too easy to underestimate the size of a piece of baggage and overestimate the size of an airplane’s overhead compartment. What may seem like small luggage or merely an oversized tote to one person could actually qualify as a substantial piece of luggage to an airline. Baggage sizers are a great way to manage passenger expectations while also facilitating a smoother onboarding process, which makes everyone happier and less stressed.

The Customizable Baggage Sizer

airport baggage sizer

We’re pleased to introduce our fully customizable baggage sizers. Designed to help passengers foresee issues or extra charges ahead of time, without assistance from an airline or airport employee, the open design of our regulation-sized bins ensure travelers can easily place their luggage inside and “size” it. Large headers are prominently displayed and are comprised of a custom paper graphic insert that can be printed to match airline branding through color and font. The information provided can include text instructions about carry-on baggage requirements (e.g., “1 carry-on + 1 personal item”), as well as imagery to show the permitted dimensions of a particular piece of luggage. They also come equipped with wheels, making them easy to relocate to accommodate flight changes, and the open bottom prevents the accumulation of debris and facilitates cleaning. While there will always be immovable travelers who firmly believe their carry-on baggage is a-ok, the installation of baggage sizers will make flying easier for passengers and airlines alike. Contact a Lavi expert to learn about the options available.

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