Amtrak Updates Boarding Strategy with Queue Management Systems

Amtrak updates passenger boarding strategy with new queue management systems

Last updated: September 25, 2019Lavi Industries

Amtrak and Lavi Industries partner to makeover Washington D.C.’s Union Station with new queuing processes and expanded wayfinding signage.

VALENCIA, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 25, 2019 / -- Amtrak and Lavi Industries, a leading provider of queue management solutions, have partnered to transform the way passengers board and wait for trains at Union Station in Washington D.C. As reported in a recent article by the Washington Post, “Amtrak is trying to bring some sanity to the free-for-all boarding process at Washington’s Union Station.”

Robert Jordan, Amtrak’s assistant vice president for customer service and stations was quoted as saying, “The goal is to eliminate congestion wherever possible. We wanted to free up every square inch of space we could.”

Lavi Industries was hired to eliminate passenger pain points, create a more organized and efficient queuing process, and overhaul signage and wayfinding systems to create a cohesive passenger experience. After installing new stanchions, barrier rails, and signage, the resulting experience has been well-received by both passengers and staff.

“Old architectural spaces provide unique challenges for modern transportation systems,” said Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing for Lavi Industries. “Working within the existing space and infrastructure, Lavi Industries was able to maximize passenger flow and create a more organized and efficient boarding process, doubling passenger capacity at many gates. And it seems passengers have taken notice.”

To complete the makeover, Lavi Industries created highly visible wayfinding signage, including banner signs and panoramic panels integrated directly into the queues, so passengers would know exactly where to go.


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