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A Simple Solution to Improve Access Control and Enhance Passenger Flow in Airports [Use Case]

October 11, 2018Perry Kuklin

Air travel has never been more popular. In fact, the International Air Transport Association predicts a doubling of annual air travel by 2035, compared to 2016 numbers. In response to such a dramatic rise, new airports will be built and existing airports will have to respond to capacity strains on facilities--many of which are in need of modernization. According to the Airports Council International, airports must respond “by building facilities which will ensure comfortable, safe, secure and environmentally compliant facilities for air travelers.”

In the face of increasing passenger counts, airports will continue to demand solutions that can facilitate a smooth flow of passengers and help maintain control over where passengers are permitted to go. These solutions need to be effective, flexible, and architecturally-appealing to enhance the airport brand and aesthetic.

In our new airport use case, we explore a simple yet powerful solution airports can use to successfully achieve a number of important goals. The solution is premium architectural curtain walls and gates and the modular solution delivers the following key benefits:

  • Utilize space efficiently.
  • Easily create permanent or removable boundaries to accommodate passenger flow.
  • Create secure ingress and egress points for access control.
  • Avoid unnecessary structural impacts to the airport environment.

We invite you to download our use case and find out for yourself the many ways our curtain walls and gates can be used to improve the airport environment and prepare it for future growth.

Download the Airport Use Case here.

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