Airport Queue Management & Passenger Flow - Interactive Tour

Lavi Industries Releases Airport Virtual Tour to Drive Innovation for Queue Management and Passenger Flow

Last updated: April 19, 2018Perry Kuklin

From arrivals to departures, the interactive tour allows airport managers to visualize strategic queue management and passenger flow solutions to improve airport operations and the overall traveler experience.

4/19/18 (Valencia, CA) - Lavi Industries introduces the launch of a web-based virtual tour that visually models key points along the passenger journey within an airport environment. The tour highlights solutions that impact safety, security, profitability, and the total passenger experience. Through this interactive tour, Lavi Industries further demonstrates the company’s attention to detail across the full suite of an industry’s operations.

The digital tour allows airport and airline industry professionals to explore a holistic airport environment from the perspective of the passenger experience and key touchpoints that impact airport success. Airport-specific solutions range from physical barriers, such as swing gates in security screening, to digital displays that use real-time data to indicate accurate wait times. Organized by departures and arrivals, the tour provides specific insight into all of the key use cases of queue management and passenger flow within a typical airport setting.

This new tour visually demonstrates how to apply the latest queue management technology, crowd control solutions, and even architectural railings and facility maintenance solutions to reinforce airport security and improve the overall traveler experience.

“Our mission at Lavi Industries is to deliver unyielding quality, precision craftsmanship, and a customer-centric focus in everything we do,” comments Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing for Lavi Industries. “The launch of this airport tour lends valuable insight into the strategies that make the airport experience safe, enjoyable, and efficient.”

For more than 35 years, Lavi Industries has been at the leading edge of queue management. After developing the Beltrac design - one of the most popular retractable belts in the United States - Lavi Industries has since expanded into digital queue management technology to provide a more holistic range of solutions to its customers.

Explore the role that queue management plays in airports with Lavi Industries’ interactive tour.


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