5 Crowd Control Management Products You Can’t Live Without

October 09, 2012Perry Kuklin

If you’re in charge of crowd management at a well-attended venue or retail environment, you know how important it is to have the right products for the job.  Here are five products our customers have told us they can’t live without:

1. Retractable Belt Posts

retractable belt posts

Designed to be versatile and endure heavy crowd conditions, one of the easiest and most reliable crowd control management products are retractable belt posts. The belts can be drawn out smoothly and retract slowly, ensuring that customers are always kept safe, and the stanchions can have a magnetized base or be floor-mounted in situations where portability is impractical. Simple to use for crowd control, retractable belts can be pulled across an area to block traffic or be opened up to increase customer flow.

Retractable belt posts allow for maximum flexibility in a queue or walkway, offering the ability to alter the path of a line in minutes – crucial in an emergency or to accommodate last-minute changes.

2. Post and Panel Barricades

crowd control barricades

When order and crowd control simply cannot be compromised, post and panel barricades are sturdier and more meaningful than a belt. As opposed to retractable belts or velvet ropes, panels clearly imply, “There’s no way you’re getting under or through us.” They can also be emblazoned with promotional messages or logos to reinforce a less-threatening message while still getting the “no passage” order across. Panels are durable yet lightweight which means they are also easily portable, creating an ideal solution for venues that must regularly reconfigure customer traffic patterns.

3. Post and Panel Transport Systems

stanchion transport

Even when staffing is light, these transport systems make it easy for staff members to close off or redirect the flow of crowds. Transporter systems provide a simple way to rapidly deploy posts and panels at the drop of a hat, and materials are easily and unobtrusively stored when not in use. Carts can also be linked together to form a practical “train” of materials that guarantee efficiency when it’s necessary to quickly deploy new configurations over large areas. 

4. Temporary Barriers for Large Areas

long belt stanchions

Big footprint, small staff? Facility managers facing this issue rely on solutions that enable just one or two staff members to cordon off large areas. 65-foot-long retractable belts (like those on our JetTrac product) can cover up to 260 linear feet, making it the must-have solution for larger venues, like stadiums, arenas, airports, parking lots, and convention centers.

5. In-Line Merchandising

in queue merchandising

Crowd control can be made profitable! By nature, stanchions maintain order and offer guidance; by extension, they are the ideal spot to affix in-line merchandising materials. Place impulse merchandise bowls on top of posts or mount several to the sides. Freestanding slat walls with shelves and hooks are made of lightweight panels that connect to existing stanchions. Display small or large items for easy purchase and say goodbye to unproductive floor space. Or opt for in-line tables – which can also be attached between stanchions – to encourage customers to complete paperwork while they wait or say yes to opportunities they might otherwise say no to once they have reached the service agent.

Talk to a Lavi crowd control expert to help you implement these and other crowd control solutions in your venue.  

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