3 Use Cases For Footfall Analytics

3 Use Cases for Footfall Analytics

Last updated: August 16, 2016Perry Kuklin

Did you know, with today’s queuing technology you can use real time data to optimize staffing, maximize safety and compliance, and keep wait times and service rates right on target? The tools now exist to support these kinds of business goals in addition to improving customer satisfaction.

With footfall analytics in particular, you can monitor real-time customer activity and transform it into powerful, actionable analytics. Insights are constantly updated on centralized (or mobile) dashboards and customizable alerts can keep you informed and in control of your queues and the surrounding areas at all times.

Here are three use case examples of the difference footfall analytics can make in providing a great customer service experience.

  1. Transportation - Manage the flow of passengers. In any busy transportation setting, where passengers and travelers are flowing in and out, up and down, tracking the flow of passengers to specific queues at specific times can make a world of difference. Data provided from footfall analytics can help you reallocate resources as needed and redirect the flow of traffic to underutilized stations, keeping wait times minimized and customer satisfaction high.
  2. Retail - Reduce cart abandonment. Do customers move through the waiting line at an acceptable pace? Is store traffic converting to sales? If so, do you know exactly how much? Intelligent queue management metrics provide retailers with valuable information about wait times, arrival rates, abandonment, and conversions to help increase efficiencies and, ultimately, profitability.
  3. Entertainment - Maintain customer happiness. Knowing how many people are in a queue and the wait times associated with each queue lets managers know whether they need more service resources to keep customers moving. It also allows you to better manage customer expectations when it comes to wait times, and that alone can relieve stress and increase satisfaction.

    If an incident occurs within a queue, managers can be notified immediately via the queue management system, which means the issue can be handled quickly and customers kept happy.

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