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3 Queuing Practices You Should be Implementing ASAP

September 28, 2017Perry Kuklin

Queue management is something just about every business must address. Whether you consider queue management critical to success or just a necessary evil, chances are, your customers want to see you improve. And if you don’t, chances are, your competitors will.

To stay ahead of the game, here a few key practices you should implement ASAP:

1. Real-Time Monitoring

Today’s queue analytics systems offer real-time data you can use to immediately improve the customer experience. Easy-to-install systems monitor wait times, service point utilization, arrival patterns, and more. There’s no time to waste. Discover issues, such as an unexpected influx of customers or increasing wait times, and solve them before they impact your customers.

2. Virtualization

If a physical waiting line can be abolished, it should be. With virtual queuing, you can replace a standard waiting line with a virtual one, thereby dispersing waiting crowds, allowing customers to continue shopping while they wait (if applicable), and creating a more pleasant waiting experience. Today’s virtual queuing systems feature text-to-register signups, mobile notifications, automated re-queuing, and much more. The opportunities to impress customers with convenience, responsiveness, and most of all, an enjoyable wait are endless with virtual queuing.

3. Merchandising

A customer waiting in your queue is a captive audience. While you have their time and attention, why not offer a series of impulse purchases? In-queue merchandising is shown to increase impulse buying up to 400%. Bring in merchandising fixtures that serve the dual purpose of establishing a clear and organized waiting line while attractively presenting your products for sale. Not the retail type? Exchange merchandising for entertainment or use your queue to get people started on their transaction before they reach the front of the line.

Stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers happy with these queuing practices. Need help? Get the technology, know-how, and solutions you need by tapping into the expertise of Lavi. Request a sales call.

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