Lavi Industries Sets the New Standard with Longer Retractable Belts on Stanchions and Safety Barriers

Lavi Industries Sets the New Standard with Longer Retractable Belts on Stanchions and Safety Barriers

Last updated: November 24, 2021Lavi Industries

Creates more efficient and flexible queuing solutions with its Beltrac Stanchions.

Our new, longer stanchion belts create greater flexibility, efficiency, and aesthetics for users.
Beltrac Belt Colors
Longer belts create more adaptable queues, and more cost-effective ones.
Longer retractable belts means fewer stanchions, decluttering queuing areas.

Valencia, CA (24 November, 2021): Lavi Industries, the most trusted leader in queuing for over 40 years, is moving to longer retractable belts for its queuing stanchions and barrier systems. This change comes after Lavi’s determination that longer belt systems create greater flexibility, efficiency, and aesthetics for users. The Beltrac® stanchion—used throughout the world in stores, public venues, transportation hubs, and more—will now feature 10-foot and 15-foot belt systems, replacing the prior standard of 7-foot and 13-foot belts.

With current health concerns, business owners and facility operators are taking measures to increase public safety and improve the customer experience. With larger queuing areas, changing business layouts, and unpredictable customer flow, Lavi’s shift to longer belts creates a more adaptable approach to queuing, and a more cost-effective one.

The longer belts require fewer stanchions, decluttering queuing areas while providing much needed flexibility as crowd volumes ebb and flow. The longer lengths will apply to all Beltrac Retractable Belt barriers, including the Emergency Breakaway Belts—a feature unique to the Lavi brand and heavily depended upon in public queues where emergency egress is needed.

While the versatility of Lavi’s stanchions improve with their added belt length, the belts’ already high-quality appearance and functionality remains the same, providing backwards compatibility with all existing Beltrac queue and barrier systems. Standard belt colors and custom messaging continue to be available, making it seamless to integrate into current queuing systems.

Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing for Lavi Industries, commented: "One constant in today's brick and mortar environment is the ever-changing landscape of the customer journey. As the industry leader, Lavi Industries is responding with more versatile queuing and barrier solutions.”

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Based in Valencia, California, Lavi Industries is the premier provider of queue management and crowd control solutions in the Americas. For over 40 years we’ve helped organizations across the globe improve their customers’ experience by effectively organizing people’s journeys in, through, and out of their facilities. For more information visit:

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Perry Kuklin, Director of Marketing


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