Queue Guard Germ Shields Work with Standard Queuing Stanchions

Queue Guard Germ Shields for Standard Height Stanchions

50-QGP1005/MB/CL |

Setup Fee: none |

Ships in: 7 Business Days


Each panel includes a Gap Guard Acrylic Insert to close the gap between barrier panels.

1 Frame Style
2 Finish
Queue Guard Germ Shields for Standard Height Stanchions

Ships in: 7 Business Days

Setup Fee: none


  • Use with standard Beltrac Partition Posts and Heavy-Base Stanchions.
  • Provides an added layer of protection within waiting lines.
  • Assures the public that their safety and health is a top priority.
  • Keeps visibilty of the entire queuing area.
  • Simply remove post spacers to use as a standard Post & Panel system.
  • Each panel includes a Gap Guard Acrylic Insert for between barrier panels.


Use with standard queuing stanchions
Queue Guard® Statement of Intended Use

The intended use of Queue Guard® panels is as an additional layer of protection implemented with other measures such as masks and social distancing already in practice. Government agencies have selected Queue Guard® to assist in protecting their employees and the public against the contraction of Covid-19.

Queue Guard® is designed as a “sneeze guard,” shielding individuals from airborne droplets in a multiple lane queueing environment. The specific layout of Queue Guard® panels should be determined by the facility, considering local building and health codes.

Queue Guard® panels can meet ADA requirements based on their size and functionality. ADA states that the lower portion of a queuing lane barrier should not be more than 27” from the floor. Queue Guard® meets this requirement when needed. The primary goal of the product is to assist in protecting the health of the public.