Adjustable Wall-Mounted Handrail Bracket

Adjustable Wall-Mounted Handrail Bracket

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Adjustable Handrail Brackets provide flexibility and forgiveness in railing installations.

The structural and elevation variances encountered in buildings or sites can cause headaches when trying to align handrails. But with the 309 series of 316-grade stainless steel adjustable handrail brackets, these issues virtually disappear. The unparalleled adjustments allow you to compensate up to 2” in height, along with an unlimited degree of pitch and rotation, providing maximum flexibility when installing handrail.

Adds a bold, elegant aesthetic to any wall-mounted handrail installation. Features a 2” diameter wall plate for strength with no visible mounting screws. Designed to receive 1.5” diameter handrail tubing. Meets building code clearance requirements.

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2 Tubing OD
Adjustable Wall-Mounted Handrail Bracket

Ships in: 3 Business Days

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