The Retail Industry

There's no going back. Retail will never be the same again as online shopping has created a global network of competition for nearly every type of product. E-commerce has created higher expectations for consumer convenience and competitive prices, but it has also given brick and mortar retailers new opportunities to shine in relation to their virtual counterpart. In a recent Forbes interview, Perry Kramer of Boston Retail Partners noted the trick to enduring this new convenience economy is competing with a quality customer experience.

For brick and mortar retailers, the game is changing and new rules are being written by the moment. Still, recent Pew Research Center research revealed 63% of Americans prefer brick and mortar over online retail. And the U.S. Department of Commerce Census Bureau reports that 92 percent of retail dollars are still spent in brick and mortar stores.

With the awareness of an impending evolution, the question turns not toward what (evolve) or when (now), but toward the question of how? Creating a great customer experience begins with understanding the customer’s experience. Tracking and analyzing customer traffic patterns can inform not only the volume of customers but also the subtleties of where and how customers spend their time in the store, and how travel or queue patterns relate to sales. Data such as footfall analytics and wait times can help retailers understand in-store dynamics to better design a fresh customer experience as well as evolve customer service strategies and priorities.

Queue Management Technology Solutions

Today’s queue management technology automates the collection and delivery of real-time and historical data pertaining to service efficiency and customer experience in the queue. Offering real-time insights typically associated with online shopping, in-store queue management technology provides easy-to-implement monitoring that eliminates the guesswork for managers, guiding their decisions on and off the floor.

Through in-store monitoring, performance metrics are delivered in real-time through dashboards or alerts to store managers and employees. With these metrics in hand it becomes possible to predict and respond to the lulls and rushes of waiting customers, reallocating employee resources to deal with the demand.

Real-time data allows front-line employees to be proactive and take immediate action to immediately improve service efficiency and quality, minimize wait times, and improve the morale of those waiting. The end result? A streamlined customer experience that increases conversion rates, basket size, and customer loyalty.

The Qtrac Process

Queue Management and Customer Flow

Using state-of-the art sensors, advanced algorithms, and real-time reporting and alerts, Qtrac technology solutions help optimize service delivery while dramatically improving the customer experience.

Sensors detect customers entering and exiting the store,
as well as when they spend time in a targeted store zone.

Sensors monitor customer movement in and out of the queues and calculate
real-time data such as wait time, arrival rate, and service rate.

Sensors can monitor the service areas to track service times
as well as open or available service points.

Benefits from Enabling Qtrac Technology

Qtrac takes the guesswork out of queue management. Its powerful analytics tools let you track customer flow and operations, so you can identify issues and remedy them in real time. With advanced queue management technology working in harmony, you can boost productivity and revenue in one fell swoop.


Counts and tracks
with 99.5% accuracy

State-of-the-art technology limits
"error creep" to ensure accurate data,
even in areas with changing light or


Customer privacy is never

Unlike GPS, WiFi, or Bluetooth, LiDar
(or light radar) technology ensures
that customers' private information is
never collected.


Real-time alerts
give you control.

Real-time text or email alerts allow
managers to head off problems
before they escalate.


Dashboards and reports turn
guessing into planning.

Customized, real-time and historical
reports and dashboards provide
actionable data for optimizing service
and customer flow.


average wait time.

A more efficient queuing process with
optimized service delivery increases
customer flow and drives down
average wait times.


Improves the customer

Customers appreciate a smooth and
efficient process that results in shorter
wait times and a less stressful

ROI Drivers

Qtrac’s holistic approach leverages technology to boost service efficiency, operational effectiveness, and the customer experience.

  • Increased conversion rate, average
          basket size, and customer loyalty
  • Increased customer throughput
  • More efficient workforce
  • Optimized resource allocation
  • A better customer experience

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