Queue Management at Airports – A Qtrac Technology Use Case

Queue Management for the Airport Industry

As passenger traffic continues to grow, airports and airlines are faced with the continuous need to find innovative solutions to keep up with demand. Whether at ticketing, screening, or customs, airport operations require sophisticated solutions that help increase passenger throughput while improving operational efficiency and ROI.

Meanwhile, passenger’s expectations continue to rise as they seek more transparency and efficiency from the travel experience. How can airports and transportation hubs deal with the ever-increasing pressure to lower wait times, increase passenger throughput, reduce operational costs, and improve the passenger experience? Technology can provide some answers.

Queue Management Technology Solutions

Through state-of-the art sensor technology and automated electronic queuing, Qtrac queue management technology solutions increase service efficiency while dramatically improving the passenger experience.

By using a holistic approach, Qtrac manages the queuing experience by counting and tracking passengers as they move in, through, and out of the queue and into the service area. It automatically calls passengers to the next available agent, alerting the operations team in real-time when passenger wait times or service rates exceed preset thresholds.

Passengers view expected wait times through digital signage, keeping their expectations in check and reducing stress. And managers use real-time and historical dashboards and reports to align human resource allocation to meet service demand.

The Qtrac Process

Queue Management and Passenger Flow

Through state-of-the art sensor technology and automated electronic queuing, Qtrac technology solutions increase service efficiency while dramatically improving the passenger experience.

Real-time queue wait times are displayed to passengers.

Sensors detect passenger movements in and out of the queues and calculate
real-time data such as wait time, arrival rate, and service rate.

Sensors detect Agent availability and automatically call
next waiting passenger to open service area

Process Design: Corporate Flow

Management aggregates collected data and identifies performance trends, establishing clear goals for each operational area. Performance standards can then be implemented across the organization.

Benefits from Enabling Qtrac Technology

Qtrac takes the guesswork out of queue management. Its powerful analytics tools let you track customer flow and operations, so you can identify issues and remedy them in real time. With advanced queue management technology working in harmony, you can boost productivity and revenue in one fell swoop.


Counts and tracks with 99.5% accuracy

State-of-the-art technology
limits "error creep" to ensure
accurate data, even in areas
with changing light or


Passenger privacy is never compromised.

Unlike GPS, WiFi, or Bluetooth,
LiDAR (or light-radar)
technology ensures that
passengers' private
information is never collected.


Real-time alerts
give you control.

Real-time text or email alerts
allow managers to head off
problems before they


Dashboards and reports turn guessing into planning.

Customized, real-time and
historical reports and
dashboards provide
actionable data for optimizing
service and customer flow.


Decreases Average Wait Time

A more efficient hailing
process increases customer
flow and drives down
average wait times.


Increases Passenger Throughput

Minimizing passenger
confusion about open
positions reduces service lag
and helps spread loads more
evenly, increasing efficiency.


Reduces Perceived Wait Times

Media messaging capabilities
keep waiting passengers
occupied, a proven method
for reducing the perception
of passing time.


Improves the Passenger Experience

Passengers appreciate a
smooth and efficient process
that results in shorter wait
times and a less stressful

ROI Drivers

Qtrac's hollistic approach leverages technology to boost service efficiency, operational effectiveness, and the passenger experience.

  • Improved passenger throughput
  • Decreased bottlenecks
  • More efficient workforce
  • Optimized resource allocation
  • Increased passnger safety
  • A better passenger experience

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