Digital Signage Keeps Customers Engaged in the Waiting Line

La señalización digital mantiene a los clientes interesados en la fila de espera

Última actualización: January 03, 2013Perry Kuklin

digital signage keeps customers engaged

Engaged customers have a powerful impact on business results. Companies that deliver a remarkable experience will have more engaged customers and you might be surprised to find that one of the best ways to keep customers engaged is also one of the simplest. In the PeopleMetrics Most Engaged Customers study, the individual responses to four questions related to retention, effort, advocacy, and passion were measured, with individuals being asked to rate their agreement or disagreement on a scale from 1 to 5 with statements that indicate their level of engagement. Based on these calculations, it was found that retailers who increased customer engagement by at least five points had a cumulative share price appreciation of 56 percent. Clearly, focusing on engagement directly and positively impacts business results. So what’s the trick, the magic equation, the secret to improving the waiting experience and creating a mere engaged customer? It’s not complicated.

The Actual Wait and the Perceived Wait

customers perceived wait times

When you look at the retail waiting line, there are two factors to consider in improving the customer experience: actual wait times and perceived wait times. When a waiting line is designed properly and running efficiently, actual wait times are reduced and that makes people happier. When the experience of waiting in line is positive, the time spent waiting feels shorter. However, studies show that perception actually matters more than reality. While both the actual wait time and perceived wait time are important, the single best way to keep customers engaged is to employ a tactic that is very familiar to customers: digital media.

The Power of Digital Signage

digital signage in queue

Creating powerful media messaging (entertaining or informative video, for example) to engage the customer in the queue can lead to as much as a 400 percent increase in impulse sales at checkout. Additionally, the perceived wait time can drop by up to 35 percent, mainly because the customer is involved in watching the programming message. Think about it: A husband is waiting for his wife to get ready at home, but since he’s watching a football game, the time flies by. Flash forward to the husband sitting in the waiting room as his wife tries on clothes – the torture of the slowly passing time couldn’t be more evident. But put a screen in front of him, and suddenly you have an engaged person who isn’t bored, tired of waiting, or feeling impatient. You don’t have to play a ball game for men or a cooking show for women – the simple act of giving customers something to keep them busy, distracted, and, most of all, engaged while they wait is the key. Display promotional messages, commercials, video testimonials, trivia questions, product tutorials – the options are immense.

Storewide Media Options

The convenience of media messaging equipment means screens can be displayed in line for a full electronic queuing experience. Screens can also be displayed strategically throughout the store for in-store waits, like those in a dressing room line, customer service counter, or special order station. Consult a Lavi expert to learn more about how digital signage can work for your retail operation.


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