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The Ultimate Stanchion Checklist

December 12, 2012Perry Kuklin

11 Must-Have Qualities of a Retractable Belt Stanchion

retractable belt stanchion

When searching for just the right retractable belt stanchion for crowd control or queue management, you need just the right combination of features, functionality, and value. Here are 11 specific qualities that must be on your checklist: 1. Universal belt-end: Versatility is the name of the game in queue management, and stanchions equipped with universal belt-ends are compatible with other manufacturers’ posts. So if you need to switch out a few stanchions but don’t want to change your entire line, opt for stanchions that allow you to mix-and-match components. 2. Slow-retract belt: One of the best safety measures you can implement in your queue is stanchions equipped with a slow-retract belt. Outfitting the line with a smooth, slow-retract belt means the belt won’t stick, warp, snap out of place, or be a potential danger to guests. 3. Embedded mechanism: Stanchion belts tend to suffer a lot of physical abuse, and they’re magnets for dirt and grime, but an embedded mechanism – rather than a mechanism that is merely screwed to the top of the stanchion – is completely sealed within the post, protecting it from the aforementioned threats. When it’s time to change the belt, the mechanism is easy to switch out and doesn’t require the replacement of the entire post. 4. Four-way receptacle: For true versatility and flexibility in your queue or crowd control practice, stanchions that are equipped with a four-way receptacle allow you to attach 3 additional belts to a single post to branch out your queue or easily and speedily rearrange your crowd control configuration. 5. Imprinted belts: Avoid overdoing it with post-top signage and instead look for retractable belts that can be custom-printed with your safety, directional, or promotional message. Embellished belts are a savvy way to maintain crowd control while presenting a little something unexpected. 6. Versatile finishes: Sometimes the success of your queue is all in the details. Reinforce your brand or safety message by choosing stanchions that are available in a wide range of finishes beyond the standard colors and can complement your facility’s décor and design.   7. Automatic locking system: While you want to create a secure and clear line for guests, you also want to invest in as many safety mechanisms possible. A fully automatic metal locking system ensures that belts will not detach or be released from stanchions, and post-top accessories and signage will stay securely in place. 8. Continuous post: Continuous steel tubing or aluminum extrusion without breaks, seams, or cuts preserves the strength and reliability of your posts, even in the midst of extreme conditions. 9. Strong post-to-base connection: The last thing you want is a wobbly stanchion. A strong and easy connection from the stanchion post to its base is a quality not to overlook as this can mean the difference between a long-lasting stanchion and one that weakens before its time. 10. Heavy base: Even light crowds will generate serious wear and tear over time. Choosing a stanchion with a heavy cast iron base will provide unparalleled stability against everyday knock-overs, slides, drops, and plain-old use. 11. Notched post base: An afterthought to some, or the greatest invention ever to sticklers for detail, a notched stanchion allows for airflow, meaning freshly mopped floors can dry quickly and evenly underneath the posts. Combined with a non-marking, rubberized base, this means no buildup, no mildew, and a longer life for your stanchion and the integrity of your queue. (click image to view full size)

[INFOGRAPHIC] Anatomy of a Retractable Belt Stanchion

At Lavi, we’ve perfected the art of the stanchion by combining innovation, safety, value, and plenty of product choices into our line of Beltrac stanchions. Talk to a Lavi expert about your needs and let us recommend the stanchion that’s right for you.

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