A Clever Way to Boost In-Store Conversions

A Clever Way to Boost In-Store Conversions

Last updated: June 27, 2014Perry Kuklin

What if you could solidify a customer’s commitment to buy before they even set foot in your store? Numerous studies have shown that gaining a person’s commitment to do anything makes it harder for them to renege, while dramatically increasing their chances of following through with the action. As a retailer, you aim to get your customers to commit to buying your products as soon as possible while leaving them little space to change their minds. Technology has come a long way in furthering your ability to accomplish these goals. Your business can evolve from simply moving customers in and out of your store to providing an exemplary customer experience from the first contact that solidifies your chances of completing the final purchase. One of these clever pieces of technology is the mobile application.

Use an app to complement your queue management system and boost in-store conversions

How can a mobile app help your queue management system get your customers committed to buy sooner rather than later?


Making a great first impression and early engagement

Today’s educated buyers will be looking at your website, online reviews, and mobile technology before even stepping into your store. So, often times your first impression will not be coming from your physical location, but rather your technological presence. Create a great first impression by implementing a user friendly and functional app that will fulfill many of your buyers’ needs before they begin the in-store shopping process. This early connection with your customers will be actively progressing buying decisions by providing insights on products and allowing customers to figure out what they want before they set out to buy. At this point, your sales team will need to put forth little effort to “sell” resulting in much faster in-store buying/selling processes and transactions.

Queuing technology

Creating a better in-store shopping experience

Data collected on customers that use your mobile app will allow you to get to know your customers better. You can track what products they are looking at and what kind of reviews they are giving your products, employees and business as a whole. Then, use the data to create an efficient customer-friendly in-store experience based on real customer needs and wants.

Reserving a place in line

One of the most powerful features an app can provide is to give your customers the ability to preschedule customer service appointments or reserve their place in line right from their mobile devices. This virtual queuing function provides a practical and customer-friendly service that makes shoppers commit to coming into your store at a specific time deterring them from putting off the shopping trip until a later date. Enhance your scheduling features with text message reminders that let customers know when their time of service is near. Your customers will avoid physically waiting in line for what they may consider an unreasonable amount of time translating to happier customers that are happier to spend money on your products. Carefully consider the benefits of implementing a mobile application for your retail store. Research has shown that these early engagements with customers before they come to your physical location creates a beneficial direct customer-business connection. And by utilizing prescheduled appointments you can achieve as much as 10 to 15 percent higher customer satisfaction ratings while benefiting from more accurate staff scheduling and increased sales. Your customers and your bottom line will thank you.


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