Disclaimer for Railing Quotations / Orders

Disclaimer for Railing Quotations / Orders


The quotation / order of railing components provided herein is derived from drawings and/or communications furnished by the client or its appointed representative.

Lavi Industries supplies railing components and attempts to align the quoted product(s) with the specified project needs. Notwithstanding, the following responsibilities rest exclusively with the client and installer:

  1. Product Suitability and Accuracy: It is the responsibility of the client and installer to confirm the accuracy and functional appropriateness of the provided product(s).

  2. Adherence to Local Building Codes: The client and installer bear the sole responsibility to ensure that the chosen and installed product(s) are in strict compliance with prevailing local building codes and regulations

  3. Installation: It is imperative for the installer to consider the substrate materials and prevailing conditions. The installer must employ suitable hardware and methods to guarntee the structural soundness of the railing post-installation.

Lavi industries expressly disclaims all liabilities arising out of or related to the inappropriate selection, installation, or usage of the products. Clients and installers are advised to engage professionals and to exercise due diligence at all stages.

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