Drive store performance.

Measure, monitor, and manage shopper behavior and service delivery to maximize profits.

Increase Conversions

Optimize Service Efficiency

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Retail Analytics You Can Act On

Get the real-time and historical data you need to truly improve the shopper experience, increase conversions, and drive overall store performance. Qtrac iQ delivers actionable data that you can actually understand and use to drive costs down and revenues up.

Strike the right balance between staffing and shoppers.

People Counting

Count customers with 99.5% accuracy, limiting “error creep” and ensuring accurate data, even in areas with changing light or temperature.

Traffic Trends

Discover trends and know your busiest (and slowest) hours, days, and seasons to help optimize labor scheduling and allocation.

Service Allocation

Utilize actionable real-time data to align labor with actual traffic, optimizing service efficiency while improving the customer experience.

Pattern/Event Recognition

Recognize customer flow patterns and events such as a long queue, traffic blockage, or a customer surge and act immediately.

How It Works

State of the art sensors, built into stanchions or mounted overhead, monitor customer activity and transform it into powerful analytics. Insights are delivered to you via dashboards, while customizable, real-time alerts let you act now, before issues get out of hand. And shoppers are kept in-the-know with published wait times.

Dashboards and reports turn guessing into planning.

Powerful, customized reports and dashboards provide simple to understand, actionable data and forecasts for optimizing service and customer flow.

Published wait times enhance the customer experience.

Publishing expected wait times keeps customer expectations in check and helps balance service loads by directing customers to the best service areas.

Real-time alerts give you control.

Actionable, real-time alerts allow managers to head off problems before they escalate. Text-based or email alerts can be customized for any KPI.

Qtrac iQ Tech Talk

  • Sensors are 95% to 99.5% accurate, even in areas with changing light and temperature.
  • Individual sensor data can be stitched together to create a complete story of the customer flow in large or irregular-shaped environments.
  • Accuracy even in complex physical structures such as those with extremely high (or low) ceilings or structural impediments.
  • Easy integration with other Qtrac solutions, allowing for a holistic, automated customer flow solution.

Beltrac Smart Post

Sensor built into Beltrac Retractable Belt Stanchion captures data eliminating the need for expensive installations.

Dual infrared beam break technology counts people, and senses speed and direction with over 95% accuracy.

No need for AC power. Rechargeable batteries in the post last up to 1 year.

Ultra low power Zigbee wireless communication securely transmits queue data.

No privacy issues.

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LiDAR Sensor

State-of-the-art light and radar technology counts and tracks people with 99.5% accuracy.

Privacy is never compromised as with video, WiFi, or Bluetooth technology.

Sensor covers up to a 550 sq. foot area.

Shape recognition can differentiate between objects and people, and can even recognize family groups.

Employees wearing Qtrac tag bypass data collection.

System Configuration

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