Centralized Digital Signage Management

Coordinate and Manage Your Digital Signage Program with Qtrac® Media Manager

Proven to dramatically increase impulse sales at checkout
Reduces perceived wait times by as much as 35%
Works seamlessly with Qtrac Queue Management

Gain Complete Control of Your Digital Signage and Messaging

Whether you’re managing hundreds of displays in dispersed locations or a single display in a single location, Qtrac Media Manager gives you the control and flexibility you need. Use Qtrac’s web-based interface, accessible anytime-anywhere, to deploy the right message at the right time.

Maximize the Benefits of Digital Signage with Qtrac Media Manager

  • Centralize control of in-store electronic signage and in-queue digital messaging
  • Fully scalable media control from one display to hundreds across multiple stores and regions
  • Create unlimited playlists to distribute media to individual displays or entire regions
  • Schedule media in advance to automatically play, expire, or change

Easy as 1, 2, 3.


Arrange screens into logical groups such as “End Caps” or “Western Region.” Screens can appear in multiple groups and you can nest groups within other groups.


Playlists are made from the images or movies that you drag into the media library. Preview media, view playlist sizes, or set slide durations for playback. Create custom schedules tailored to specific screens to deliver targeted messages.


Transfer schedules and playlists to screen groups. Update screens immediately or deploy media weeks in advance to support your marketing plan.

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