Qtrac Electronic Queuing System Improves Customer Flow
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Experience the benefits of a single line queue.

Studies show that people tend to over-estimate the time they spend standing in line. When the line feels “unfair” this wait time feels even longer and perceived unfairness can break an otherwise positive customer experience. Single line queuing instills fairness by enforcing a first-come first-served process. A single line can also reduce actual wait times by up to 30%.

Learn more about the benefits of single line queuing. Watch the video.

Take your single line queue to the next level.

What is Lavi eQ?

Wireless technology that uses digital signage and station lights to streamline the way agents hail customers.

How It Works:

Audio and visual messaging instantly alerts the next customer in line
Alerts are triggered through wireless remote, POS transaction, or auto sensor
Auto-controlled station lights efficiently guide customers to an open service position
Why choose a Lavi eQ electronic queuing solution?

Decreases Average Wait Times

A more efficient hailing process increases customer flow and drives down average wait times.


Increases Customer Throughput

Minimizing customer confusion about open positions reduces service lag and helps spread loads more evenly, increasing efficiency.


Reduces Perceived Wait Times

Powerful media capabilities create an opportunity to keep waiting customers occupied, a proven method for reducing the perception of passing time.


Drives Impulse Sales

For retailers, Lavi eQ’s digital signage delivers marketing and advertising opportunities to a captive audience.


Installs Quickly and Easily

Lavi eQ is technology at its best. Simply mount the LCD, plug in the remotes and it’s good to go!


Improves the Customer Experience

Customers appreciate a smooth and efficient process that results in shorter wait times and a less stressful experience.

Anatomy of Lavi eQ electronic queuing system

A simple button push from the wireless remote triggers multiple events — a visual prompt such as an arrow or station number, an audio message, and a flashing station light.

Lavi eQ Station Lights
help optimize customer flow
Station Light
Station Light
Station Light
The Lavi eQ Flashing Light Controller can turn any light into a Lavi eQ Flashing Station Light.
Boost sales with the power of
NeXtrac In-Queue Merchandising

Between-queue advertising, in conjunction with a NeXtrac in-queue merchandising solution can increase impulse sales at checkout by as much as 400% as well as dramatically decrease perceived wait times up to 40%.

Learn more about NeXtrac in-queue merchandising.

Key Features
  • Full-Screen Media

    Simply load your media onto a USB drive and slide it into an available slot on the Lavi eQ controller to start playing. Your media will continuously loop until a queuing prompt interrupts. When the queue message is finished the media resumes.

  • Multi-System Control

    Lavi eQ©’s multi-button remote allows service agents to call customers from up to 3 different lines/systems. For example, if an agent’s Customer Service queue becomes empty, she can start hailing customers from the Checkout line by simply pressing the second button on her remote, optimizing customer flow and service efficiency.

  • Universal Station Light Control

    The Lavi eQ© Station Light Controllers can control almost any station light. And since lights are controlled individually, they can continue to flash even after the LCD queuing prompt has ended, keeping customers focused on where they are heading. Additionally, lights that are farther away can be set to flash for a longer period of time, giving customers time to reach their destination.

  • Multi-Language Support

    Lavi eQ's' language feature supports 2 audio prompts, one for each selected language, to play during each queue message. Real-voice audio files sound natural and clear, and can be set for any language. The Dual-Voice option rotates between a male and female voice to help prevent “voice fatigue,” the phenomenon where customers stop hearing repetitive audio.

  • Self-Contained Wireless Mesh Network

    The Lavi eQ© Z-Wave network is self-contained, so it won’t compromise or interfere with your other networks. Since it’s wireless there’s no cabling needed, making Lavi eQ system simple and quick to install. Each remote acts as a repeater, extending the wireless mesh every time a new one is added, allowing for communication across great distances.

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