ADA Compliance Standards for Queues and Signage
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ADA Compliance

We can help you meet ADA standards with
new or retro-fit public guidance systems.

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We can help you meet ADA standards with
new or retro-fit public guidance systems.

ADA Compliant Double Belt Stanchions
ADA-Compliant stanchions and barrier systems.
ADA Signage Guidelines
Wayfinding solutions that meet ADA signage requirements.
ADA Queue Standards
Queue design for ADA compliance standards.
ADA Double Belt Stanchions
Doubled-belted stanchions for ADA compliance

  • Bottom belt complies with ADA sandard guidelines of being no more than 27" from the floor surface.
  • Available with many base or mounting options, all conforming with ADA standards.
  • Enables seamless integration with other Lavi Industries public guidance solutions such as Rigid Rails and Signage Solutions.
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Rigid rail barriers for retro-fit applications

  • Aluminum rails quickly lock onto the stanchion groove at any height creating a solid barrier.
  • Retro-fit existing stanchions with a Rigid Rail at 27-inches to quickly comply with ADA regulations.
  • Add optional signage between 2 rails for wayfinding, marketing, or advertising.
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ADA Double Rigid Rail
Navy exchange queue
ADA compliant post and panel barriers

  • Portable barrier walls are perfect for securing areas, partitioning spaces, and providing messaging and advertising opportunities.
  • Complies with ADA regulations regarding walkway and queuing spaces
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ADA signage solutions

  • Portable, mobile signage towers for wayfinding and marketing applications.
  • Use as stand-alone signage or integrate directly into queues via side grooves.
  • Add optional backlighting for added impact.
  • Available in numerous heights and widths.
View Edge Tower Sign
Lobby edge tower kiosk
ADA Compliant Integrated Solutions
Integrated ADA-compliant solutions for the entire customer journey

  • Product solutions that work together to maximize value.
  • Flexible, long-life systems that outperform others.
  • Innovative design and features that keep you ahead of the crowd.
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