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Retractable Belt Crowd Control Stanchions:
Two distinct styles. Same great value.

The standard in retractable belt crowd control stanchions. One-piece aluminum extrusion with our patented dovetail grooves for attaching in-line merchandising and signage.
From $166
Retractable Belt Stanchion
Crowd Control Stanchion
A sleek crowd control stanchion featuring solid steel tubing in over a dozen different finishes for a fresh, modern look. Available in stainless steel, brass, and powder-coated steel.
From $129
The Basic Post
The Basic Post
Rugged construction built with economy in mind. This stanchion’s affordability makes it the perfect choice for areas that handle heavy traffic.
Tempest Plastic Post
Tempest Outdoor Post
This versatile outdoor stanchion is built for strength and endurance. Featuring a 12-foot retractable belt, this barrier post is truly a workhorse.
Double-Belted Posts
Double-Belted Posts
Beltrac 3000 Double-Belted stanchions are the perfect choice when crowd control, security and safety are a top priority.
The Exhibit Post
Museum Crowd Control Post
These 24-inch-tall stanchions provide a subtle visual barrier while offering visitors an unobstructed view of exhibits and displays.
Merchandising Posts
Replacement Mechanisms
Our Beltrac 3000 posts are available without retractable belts, saving you money when developing a NeXtrac In-Line Merchandising solution.
Mounting Options
Post-Top Signs
Our floor mounting solutions are perfect for applications where the flow of traffic is steady and consistent — anywhere portability becomes impractical.
Magnetic Base
The powerful magnet in this base offers the strength and security of a floor-mounted post with the convenience and flexibility of a portable stanchion.
Traditional Post &
Velvet Rope
Traditional posts with velvet rope are a classic public guidance option, and Lavi offers an extensive variety of styles, finishes and colors.
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